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    Why the AC system is important in Electrical cars?

    Why the AC system is important in Electrical cars?

    Why the air conditioning system is important in Electrical cars?

    Electrical cars provide us with many advantages both in terms of environment and economy.

    So ,the maintenance of these cars are also extremely important. The health of the parts in the vehicle is extremely important for the car to run well and for the longevity of the car.

    The batteries are one of the most important part in the electical cars, beacuse batteries provide us necessary power for car going. Usually, electrical cars includes lithium-ion or nickel-metal hydrate high-voltage batteries.

    Under what conditions do batteries in electric cars work properly?

    The working situation of the batteries are extremely important, because the batteries directly affects the life of the car .

    One of the most significant things to do for protecting the health of batteries is to make stable battery temperatures. Batteries should be with specific temperature ranges.

    A battery in an electrical car must not exceed 40 degrees , if it exceed ,the negatively affects occurs in the healt of the battery.

    Simultaneously, the battery temperature must not be below -10 degrees. If it would be below -10 degrees , the adversely affect occurs battery health. So, the battery temperatures needs to be the the values that we told.

    During the hot summer days or the cold winter days , the battery heats can be above the values that must be, that can cause battery malfunctions.

    How to prevent malfunctions that occur as a result of temperature changes in batteries?

    Batteries may malfunction as a result of overheating or overcooling. In order to avoid these failures, a system called 'thermal control system' has been developed.

    The operating logic of the thermal control system;

    The processing logic of the thermal control system is like this ; There is a special cooling cycle in the batteries in electrical cars.

    This cooling cycle includes a special liquid that contains water and glycol. This special liquid always circulates in the system. If the heat value in the battery goes low , the special liquid in the system gives extra heats to the battery.

    If the heat value in the battery is high, the excess temperature will be removed from the battery with a special air conditioner.

    Because of this , the air conditioning system in electrical cars are at well as important as the engine cooling systems in a car with an internal combustion engine.

    A fault that can occur in the air conditioner can also cause another problems in the car.

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