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    What The DSG 7 Speed Transmission?

    What The DSG 7 Speed Transmission?

    DSG 7 Speed Transmission

    Direct- shit gearbox (DSG) is an electronic and dual clutch automatic gearbox. DSG 7 speed transmission has called several different names like 0AM0CW7DSG and DQ200.

    This version of DSG transmission generally located on the smaller engine models in AudiSeatSkoda and Volkswagen.

    This transmission unit has several chronic malfunctions. However, these problems have various repair solutions. Before taking a look at the solutions lets talk about the malfunctions of DQ200 transmissions.

     “Mechatronic Leaks Error P17BF” this malfunction is the most common failure of this type of automatic transmission. When this type of error occurs vehicle will not drive or it will have very rough gear shift and faults will flashes on the instrument cluster.

     The picture above shows resulting damage from high pressure leak from the accumulating canister.

    For solving this issue sealing glands and bearings of the shaft usually need to be changed.

    After changing this parts TCU must be reconnected to vehicle or tested on the desktop for a long time and observed whether there is a pressure loss. For testing TCU on the desktop, you can use Nitro Mechatronics DQ200 tester.

    “Hydraulic pump, play protection 06079” this malfunction is for the internal pump error. When this happens there will be    no pressure in the transmission unit and the vehicle wont work. For solving this hydraulic pump or complete DQ200   Mechatronic must be replaced.

    This error caused by pressure leaks. When the needed pressure is not achieved the pump will overwork and due to this     issue pump will burn out. This issue usually secondary issue.

    Solenoid failure is one of the common failures on the DQ200. This failure is caused by contamination in the oil and sometimes internal electrical faults. For fixing you just need to replace these solenoids with the new ones.

    “Reverse selector bearing failure” this issue is very common too. When this occurs vehicle will not go into reverse or they cannot shift at 6th gear. Replacing bearing shafts of replacing mechatronic unit will solve the error.

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