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    What is diagnostic ?What is the diagnostic scope?

    What is diagnostic ?What is the diagnostic scope?

    What is diagnostic ?

    In this age of technology, technological systems in new car models make it easier for people to drive. If you drive every day, you know your car best. Because if you sense different sounds, images or smells in the car, you immediately think there is something wrong with the car.

    Currently, your vehicle sends you specific warning signals, and systems in your vehicle keep you in control.

    For example, if your check engine light comes on or you hear an unusual noise under the hood. These warnings are called DTCs. Let's examine this DTC in more detail below.

    First, there are too many digital vulnerabilities in vehicles as cars stay connected to the modern digital environment.

    Sometimes people can see these errors, but sometimes they can't. For example, airbags may not work properly or there may be lighting issues.

    Often we are not even aware of these mistakes. This situation can sometimes cause huge financial losses to people without realizing it.

    This is one of those situations that people never want to face. In this case, the diagnosis will be with you due to the development of technology.

    • Automotive diagnostic tool

    A car diagnostic tool, also known as an OBD scanner, is, as the name suggests, a car scanner that is a diagnostic scanner for your car.

    OBD stands for On Board Diagnostics. The device is connected to the car via a so-called OBD connection and an OBD cable (if required).

    In other words, the car diagnostic tool then accesses the data memory of the control units and the on-board electronics and evaluates or analyzes them.

    In addition, a diagnostic device allows essential vehicle data such as fuel consumption, fluid temperatures, etc. to be readout. Auto Diagnostic Tool 

    Automated diagnostic tools are very important to us. Furthermore, these automotive diagnostic tools should be of high quality and high performance.

    Because it is more important to invest in high-quality diagnostic equipment and to perform high-quality error analysis on a regular basis.

    While this is a bit pricey, it can help you fix most trouble codes on your vehicle. In this way, automatic diagnostic tools will systematically provide repair services for your vehicle.

    After explaining the importance of improving the performance of our car diagnostic tools, now let's explore what a DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) of a car diagnostic tool is.

    If the vehicle's onboard diagnostic system detects a malfunction, it will generate an appropriate diagnostic trouble code and alert the driver, usually via a warning light or other indicator light on the vehicle's instrument panel.

    As we mentioned in the introduction to the article, these fault codes are commonly referred to as DTC codes.

    We know the warning in the vehicle because of the DTC code. However, if we go to the garage after receiving these warnings, automatic diagnostic tools will allow us to improve the performance of the vehicle without damaging it.

    Therefore, with the help of DTC codes, we are more aware of the problems in the vehicle, and together with automatic diagnostic tools, we can obtain healthy results.

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