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    What is OBD2 ?When was OBD2 use firstly?

    What is OBD2 ?When was OBD2 use firstly?

    What is OBD2?

    With the development of technology, many innovations have been seen in the automotive industry.

    One of them is OBD technology. OBD stands for On-Board Diagnostic.

    The main purpose of OBD is to quickly diagnose and quickly repair faults that cause high emission gases that are harmful to the environment, and these have been made possible by the developed OBD system.

    When was OBD2 use firstly?

    OBD2 system was first used in the 1970s to detect engine problems in vehicles. In the 1990s, it started to be used to detect engine control, chassis, body and electronic systems.

    It has become mandatory to have an OBD2 socket in vehicles manufactured after 1996.

    The equivalent of OBD2 in the European Union is EOBD. In the European Union, it has become mandatory to use in the vehicles since 2001.
    OBD2 system, which is a computer-based system; It provides access to information about the health status of the vehicle, and to a large number of parameters and sensors via the ECU, detects faults in the vehicle and makes fault codes and all other valuable data available, which facilitates troubleshooting.

    Fault codes and warning lamps are standard in all vehicles in order to facilitate troubleshooting, the meaning of a fault code and warning lamp is the same in all vehicles.

    Faults can be seen with a diagnostic device connected to the OBD2 socket, and these faults can be eliminated very simply with software.

    One of the moments when we need OBD2 technology the most is when the vehicle gives an error code.

    For example, a momentary problem occurs in the vehicle and the vehicle gives an error code, but even if the problem passes, the vehicle continues to give the error code.

    This ongoing error code causes problems such as stopping the vehicle, not starting, constantly turning on the warning lamp, malfunctioning of the indicator.

    In such cases, that fault code should be deleted and this can be done with the help of diagnostic devices.

    Clearing DTC is quite easy.

    However, this has become easier nowadays. With the DTC eraser device produced by Nitro Mekatronik, it is possible to simply erase the fault code and continue on the road without going to any technical service.

    Thanks to its small size, the device can be carried around at all times and can be used at any time as it does not require any installation.

    When the vehicle gives a fault code, this device is plugged into the OBD input and removed after waiting for a while.

    During this period, the device detects the malfunction in the vehicle and deletes the malfunction code, that is, the device works with an easy logic as plug-and-wait.

    In short, this device offers you a very fast solution when your vehicle is in a difficult situation due to a fault code and saves you from excessive costs.

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