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    What is ECU? and What does ECU do?

    What is ECU? and What does ECU do?

    Today's business world is constantly evolving as technology advances and brings new requirements, as does the evolving industry.

    One of these requirements is testing the vehicle ECUs known by many different names such as ECU, ECM, MR, PCM to understand if they are working or not.

    Before we come to topics like the points to consider while testing the vehicle ECU and how to perform the ECU testing, I would like to talk about "What is ECU?" and "What does ECU do?".

    What is ECU? and What does ECU do?

    ECU, in other words, the vehicle ecu is a kind of electronic control unit that ensures the uniform operation of many actuators in vehicles and optimal vehicle performance.

    The ECU consists of a circuit board and its components. (These components are needed as spare parts for the control units, which are repaired after testing the vehicle ECU).

    The electrical systems of a vehicle; They consist of electrical control units that control all parts of the vehicle, cables that are run throughout the vehicle to communicate with each other, and the battery that powers the vehicle.

    Electronic systems are prominent in today's vehicles and increasingly all mechanical parts are controlled by an electronic control unit.

    The best known of these control units is the engine control unit, known as ECU (Engine Control Unit).

    Testing of perishable ECUs is of great importance today, as with any electronic part. For this reason, we now address the topics of "How to perform an ECU testing of vehicle ", "what to look for in an engine control unit test".

    Before moving on to testing the vehicle ECU, let us take a look at the symptoms of ECU and causes of failure.

    Electronic control units are usually small and consist of a circuit built on a printed circuit board and components such as chips, resistors, capacitors and ICs arranged on the circuit.

    The vehicle ECU ensures that the engine is working optimally with the information coming from the sensors and monitors this situation.

    Symptoms of malfunctioned ECU

     The first symptom of an engine control unit malfunction is, of course, the malfunction light on the instrument panel. However, this light does not immediately indicate to you that the vehicle computer is malfunctioning.

    We cannot know if the malfunction is coming from the corresponding sensor or the ECU without performing a Vehicle ECU test. If the vehicle malfunction light is on even though the sensor in question is intact, the engine control unit is probably at fault.

    Another symptom of ECU malfunction is unstable vehicle operation. Irregularities in the operation of the vehicle can be the cause of a ECU malfunction.

    To be sure, a vehicle ECU test should be performed. Another symptom is that your vehicle keeps stalling and there is no problem with the ignition system, possibly the vehicle ECU is malfunctioning.

    Another symptom is the presence of oxidation, combustion odour, and burning smell on the control unit card, indicating that your vehicle ECU is likely malfunctioning.

    In this and similar abnormal situations, ECU faults should be suspected and the vehicle ECU test should be performed.

    Causes of deterioration of the vehicle ECU

    Causes such as water getting into the ECU, a hard blow to the vehicle's engine control unit, irregularities in the vehicle's voltage current, incorrect connection when charging the battery, ECU overheating.

    What should be considered when performing the ECU testing

    Various methods are used to understand the failure of an ECU. The most primitive and oldest is to check the ECU circuits and paths individually.

    This method can result in the complete execution of the engine control unit test. A small distraction during this process may result in the failure not being fully detected, so it is not recommended to perform a engine control unit test using this method.

    In order to measure if the vehicle ECU is working properly, you will need to install it in the vehicle and perform tests, which will result in a significant loss of time.

    For this reason, it is recommended to use the ecutest devices manufactured directly for this procedure, both for time and cost reasons and as a definitive solution.

    How to test ECUs on desktop? Which devices should be used while testing on desktop

    Ecu testing on the desktop can be performed manually using equipment such as an oscilloscope, signal generator, and multimeter, but this method is not a complete solution.

    To fully perform this process, you need a device that simulates vehicle signals. This device is used to simulate all the signals that arrive at the engine control unit.

    Basically, the engine control unit response to which signal is analyzed, the fault is located and the test of the engine control unit is performed.

    Which devices should be used while testing on desktop

    In order to perform a ECU testing on the desktop, you need to purchase the Ecutest Kf-1500 device, which is designed by engineers who are experts in the field, is completely manufactured in national resources, and is proven to be a Ce-certified device valid worldwide.

    With Ecutest Device, you can do the desktop engine control unit test before and after the repair, and get rid of the time-consuming processes like connecting the vehicle and removing the ECU.

    How does one become an automotive electronics technician? Is there a course

    Training to become a technician is a long process. In this process, training by the people who know the job best is the most important thing that will speed you up in learning this job.

    The job is learned by the person who knows it best, and the person who knows this job best is the person who does this job best.

    To become an automotive electronics expert, all you need to do is buy the Ecutest KF-1500 device and get training from our team of experts.

    Nitro Mechatronics is the only company that will help you become an automotive electronics expert with its 10+ years of experience, expert engineers, and superior technology.

    The Engine Control Unit Expertise course is conducted by our company with its team of experts.

    During the training, there will be applications on the subject and you will have the opportunity to learn by directly seeing and experiencing the fault, even by directly intervening yourself.


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