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    What is ECU and how to repair the ECU?

    What is ECU and how to repair the ECU?

    What is ECU and how to repair the ECU?

    With the development of technology, there have been innovations in many sectors. One of these sectors is the Automotive sector.

    The development of computer systems has led to innovations in the automotive sector as well as in all areas.

    One of the most important of these innovations is the ECU.

    ECU, which literally means electrical control unit, is actually a computer system and is a ECU that takes control of the engine in every sense, in short, we can call the ECU the of the engine.

    The ECU manages many systems of the engine, such as fuel management, ignition system, turbo pressure, emission values.

    There is a software in the ECU, thanks to this software, information from many sensors in the vehicle is read and it ensures the smooth operation of the engine and engine controls, and it does this very quickly thanks to the software inside.

    Just as the human ECU directs and controls the organs for the proper functioning of the human body, the ECU, which we define as the engine ECU, also constantly monitors the engine for the proper operation of the engine, calculates the parameters and informs the vehicle by doing all the necessary operations for the proper operation of the engine.

    In short, the purpose of the ECU is to maximize the efficiency to be taken from the engine with all the operations it does.

    As with many computer systems, ECUs can fail. These faults occur as a result of such as trafic accident, overheating of the ECU, contact of the ECU with water, irregular voltage distribution.

    These faults are; It can be understood in cases such as malfunction lights flashing out of nowhere, excessive fuel consumption, different sounds of the vehicle, loss of performance, and the vehicle stopping by itself.

    As with many other parts, it is possible to repair the ECU.

    There are several ways to do this. The most common method used to date is the trial and error method.

    Long-term measurements are made on the integrateds on the ECU, one by one, the defective ECU is compared with the other ECU and new integrateds are installed instead of the defective integrated ones, and this is an old-fashioned process that takes quite a long time.

    However, today there is a much easier, economical, and short-term way to do this.

    This is possible with the ECUTEST device produced by Nitro Mechatronics Company.

    With this device, you can easily connect to the ECU with a socket, determine which integrated is defective as a result of short-term tests, and after you tested , you can repair the integrated that is defective in an easy way and in a short time.

    In short, with the ECUTEST device, you can easily find the problem of ECU and repair the ECU by saving both time and cost.

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