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    What is CAN Bus in Automotive?

    What is CAN Bus in Automotive?

    CAN Bus in Automotive

    CAN Bus is a communication protocol in the automotive industry developed to ensure maximum efficiency and safety in technical vehicles, especially automobiles.

    CAN Bus, the central network system in automobiles and other technical vehicles, connects all modules working in the vehicle to the system so that the components in the vehicle work together efficiently and effectively.

    For example, the engine control unit sends the speed information to the transmission line and all the units in the vehicle that use the speed information work with it.

    Since it would be very complicated to connect all these modules together, a central network system is needed.

    The message sent via CAN Bus protocols is quickly and reliably transmitted to other devices with CAN Bus standard.

    Thanks to the CAN Bus protocol, it is possible to receive information about the speed of the vehicle, ignition information, the amount of fuel in the tank and the current fuel consumption of the vehicle through a single bus.

    This has effectively reduced the weight of cables in the system.

    The sensors work faster and pass the required information to the system more accurately.

    For this reason, the error rate in the CAN Bus system is much lower.

    Troubleshooting and diagnostics are much easier on a vehicle with a CAN bus system.

    With simple interfaces, it is easy to determine which processes are working and which are not.

    What is the importance of CAN Bus in vehicle tracking system?

    The information that we have reached through the CAN Bus line is transmitted to the vehicle tracking device.

    This information, which is transmitted to the vehicle tracking device, is provided as an interface to the users.

    The information that we have obtained through the CAN Bus line will be transmitted to the vehicle tracking device.

    With the CAN Bus system, we can get many vehicle data such as instantaneous fuel consumption, total fuel consumption, instantaneous fuel level changes, total mileage, instantaneous vehicle speed, axle weight, engine temperature, service mileage and fault codes.

    The data we receive from the vehicle varies by make, model and year.

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