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    What is a DTC Eraser device? What is OBD?

    What is a DTC Eraser device? What is OBD?

    What is a DTC Eraser device? Why is it used? What is OBD?

    In the 1970s, OBD technology was developed to detect malfunctions that cause increased emissions in vehicles and to warn drivers.

    In the 1990s, OBD started to detect the chassis, engine control, body and electronic systems of the vehicles and provided communication between the systems.

    The European equivalent of OBDII is EOBD. It is obligatory to have an OBD socket for gasoline vehicles from 2001 and diesel vehicles from 2004.

    In vehicles with OBDII standard, electronic equipment is kept under control by the ECU.

    Faults can be detected and stored in the memory, the driver is warned with the fault lamp and standard signs.

    All vehicle manufacturers have made error codes standard. Therefore, the fault codes in the vehicles have the same meaning in a diagnostic process.

    Thanks to diagnostic devices, malfunctions that may occur in the vehicle are easily detected and errors are prevented. These diagnostic devices work directly with the ECU.

    How does the Diagnostic Device work?

    After the device is connected to the vehicle via OBD, the device recognizes the vehicle and the process begins.

    After selecting the vehicle on the device, the diagnostic section is entered. Then, the fault codes recorded in the vehicle are displayed in detail.

    What is DTC eraser? How does it work with logic?

    In certain cases, malfunctions occur in vehicles. Some of these are permanent and some are temporary.

    Temporary problems may seem like simple problems, but they can leave the driver on the road. The vehicle may give a continuous fault code or stop.

    What is error code eraser?

    With the DTC Eraser Error Code Eraser device, all passenger and heavy vehicle fault codes are cleared in a very short time and the car continues on its way.

    How does the DTC ERASER (Error Code Eraser) work?

    No setup is required to operate this device. It is attached to the vehicle, waited for a while and the device is removed. During this time, the fault code will be cleared.

    Which vehicle can the DTC ERASER Error Code Eraser Device work with?

    This DTC Eraser device works with all Euro5 and Euro 6 vehicles.

    The vehicle list is as follows; Bmc • Daf • Ford • Iveco • Man • Mercedes • New Holland • Renault • Scania • Volvo

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