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    What are the most seen faults in electric vehicles?

    What are the most seen faults in electric vehicles?

    What are the most seen malfunctions in electric vehicles?

    Electric cars are very common nowadays beacuse of increasing gasoline prices and rising emissions.

    There are different electric vehicle models at different prices in the market, that offers alternatives to customers. Although these cars are advantageous in various aspects, there are various faults can be seen in these vehicles as well.

    Researchs shows that electric vehicles are as safe as other vehicle types, but these vehicles also have different safety problems and problems occurs from the producer.

    According to another research,  electric SUVs are the least safe vehicles on the road. But we should not forget that this changes from driver to driver and model to model.

    Yet another research shows that electric vehicles break more mostly than internal combustion engines vehicles in 2019 and above.

    According to the study, the faults are as follows;

    • Faults in vehicle electronics system
    • Air conditioning system faults
    • Noise and leaks in vehicle
    • Vehicle's drive system faults
    • Faults in power equipment 
    • Faults in the vehicle body
    • Faults in vehicle paint and accessories

    The following malfunctions may be seen rarely;

    • Battery fires
    • Malfunction in the navigation system.

    Electric car drivers have had faults with in-vehicle electronics, lights, temperature sensors, incompatible paints and weather conditions. These faults occur more intensely in electric vehicles.

    Another research shows us that the injury rate in crashes with electric vehicles is 40 percent less than in other internal combustion egines vehicles.

    It means, these faults do not show that electric vehicles are unsafe. Electric vehicles are new in case of design and produce, and these problems are still being determined and fixed by the producers.

    In short, the above faults are frequently seen in electric cars. But, this does not mean that these faults make these vehicles less safe.

    The main cause for these faults is the new development of electric vehicles. As electric cars develope day by day, we can be sure that these faults will occur less frequently.

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