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    Vehicles That Using Hydrogen As Fuel

    Vehicles That Using Hydrogen As Fuel

    Vehicles That Using Hydrogen As Fuel

    Increasing emission problems in our world, increasing oil use and the price increases due to this have forced scientists and environmental organizations to do many studies.

    These studies have been experienced in many fields. When we say oil and emissions, the most important field is the automotive field, so studies have been carried out in the automotive field as well.  

    Vehicles that includes internal combustion engines are quite harmful in point of the toxic gases they release to the environment. Thats why , institutions that make environmental decisions and automobile manufacturers  are constantly working in this direction.

    One of the studies carried out is hydrogen vehicles, we know that these hydrogen vehicles also as 'fuel cell electric vehicles'. In the continuation of our blog, you will get detailed information about hydrogen fuel and cars running on this fuel.

    What is 'hydrogen fuel' that used in cars as fuel?

    Hydrogen is a type of fuel containing zero carbon. Since hydrogen is burned together with oxygen, it is extremely environmentally friendly. We can produce hydrogen fuel from fossil fuels like eam reforming, partial oxidation of methane, coal gasification, or we can produce the hydrogen from renewable energy like water electrolysis and solar thermochemistry.

    When hydrogen fuel is burned, water is occured as a result of the reaction. Since hydrogen energy is also obtained through water, we obtain an endless amount of energy.

    What are the areas where we see the use of hydrogen fuel?

    Hydrogen is used in many fields as energy. If we are going to talk about them, these are; It is used in space rockets, oil production stages, deterium separation, and most importantly in the automotive industry. In the rest of our article, we will talk about the use of hydrogen energy in automobiles in detail.

    Using of hydrogen fuel in vehicles

    Hydrogen fuel is used in vehicles in different ways. Sometimes we mixes the hydrogen with the oil to decline the damage caused by the oil. But, the part that we are most interested in is the part where hydrogen is used as vehicle fuel. We call these vehicles also 'fuel battery electric vehicles'.  

    These cars also have batteries like in electrical cars.
    The largest function that distinguishes these cars from electrical cars is that they produce electrical energy by  itself. The electric energy in those cars is produced together with hydrogen and sended to the battery.

    Hydrogen vehicles have similar features to gasoline vehicles, one of them is the tailpipe-like outlet on the back. However, only water comes out of this part, not toxic smoke like in a gasoline vehicle. So, the carbon emission is 0.

    Thats why, hydrogen fueled cars are like a mixture of gasoline and electrical cars.

    Hydrogen fuel filling stations established for the energy needs of vehicles that using hydrogen energy as fuel

    Another similarity between gasoline vehicles and hydrogen vehicles is the way they are filled with fuel. Hydrogen cars also have fuel filling such as  gasoline cars. Filling a tank of the hydrogen car takes almost the same time like a gasoline car.

    Hydrogen cars use hydrogen fuel filling stations for their fuel needs. Hydrogen refueling stations are very similar in logic to gas stations.

    At these stations, hydrogen energy is produced by the technique of electrolysis of water, this energy is compressed, stored and filled into vehicles.

    The production and use of hydrogen vehicles is increasing day by day, so the number of these stations is increasing day by day.

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