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    Why these regulations were necessary?

    Why these regulations were necessary?

    UN Regulations no.151

    Unquestioningly, the situaton of vehicles in our lives is very important. Vehicles, which give us with great advantages in transportation, can cause huge issues in traffic.

    For example, there are many vehicle groups in roads, like trucks, light commercial vehicles, passenger cars and motorcycles.

    These vehicles are very important in ensuring their safety while moving in roads. Because factors like the dimension difference between the vehicles and the force difference can cause serious problems without the drivers being aware of it.

    For preventing issues that can arise in traffic, it is aimed to take precautions by making serious regulations. R151 standard is the one of these regulations.

    The name of this regulation is officially UN Regulation No. is 151. This regulation is made to prevent accidents that will emerge if small vehicles like motorcycles are left in the blind spot of other large vehicles.

    What is UN Regulations no.151? Why these regulations were necessary?

    To clarify more openly , the main aim of this regulation is to enable vulnerable road users to drive more safely in roads. So , both VRU's and heavy duty vehicle drivers drive safer.

    Regulations also have been made on this topic before, but they were not exhaustive enough. Heavy duty  vehicle drivers that maneuvering in roads do not notice vehicles like motorcycles on their right or left.

    Thats why, measures such as rising the number of mirrors have done before, but this regulations  have not been enough to avert accidents

    For this , R151 regulations were necessary. In these arrangements, it is aimed to aid the heavy duty vehicle driver with signals together with the driver support systems.

    In another words, on traffic, when any vulnerable road user coming within a specific interval of a heavy vehicle driver, the driver is alerted with signals and so it becomes much more secure to avert accidents.

    With these driver support systems, it is aimed to remove blind spots. It is highly forbidden and impossible ,cancelling those alert signals manually, but they will be demobilized in the event of a fault in the vehicle.

    To put it briefly, the UN. R151 regulations are the regulations created to avert the crashes to be experienced with drivers like  motorcycles and bicycles, which stay in the blind spot during the maneuver of heavy vehicle drivers.

    It does this with sending signals to the driver through driver support systems. These regulations are highly important regulations to provide safety in traffic.

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