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    Repairing the ECU in passenger cars/heavy vehicles?

    Repairing the ECU in passenger cars/heavy vehicles?

    Repairing the ECU in passenger cars/heavy vehicles?

    Testing and repairing the ECU in passenger cars and heavy duty vehicles?

    As Nitro Mechatronics company, we closely follow the developments in the field of vehicle diagnostics and continue the developments.

    We are the distributor of many international companies that are experts in their fields and we create our own brand with the devices we produce.

    We have also developed a device to test the ECU and to repair the ECU. It is possible to test ECUs of many brands with this device.

    The number of ECUs in our device is increasing day by day.

    What is repairing the vehicle ECU?

    There are many factors for the failure of the ECU in the vehicle. For example, there are reasons such as contact of ECU with water, damage to ECU in the event of an accident, failure of ECU to fit, unbalanced voltage in the battery, ECU heating up more than normal values.

    In such cases, repairing the ECU is a solution instead of replacing the ECU.

    What are the symptoms of ECU failures?

    Unusual situations that occur when the vehicle is in motion are indications of a malfunction in the vehicle.

    The most visible of these is the malfunction light on the vehicle. In addition, the ECU may malfunction due to reasons such as unstable operation in the engine, the ignition turning on and off by itself, the vehicle running jerkily, the vehicle cutting off the gas, different smells in the engine, unusual changes in fuel consumption in the vehicle, different sounds coming from the vehicle engine. understandable.

    In case of such situations, you should take your car to an authorized service center before it's too late.

    What are the ECUTEST Simulator functions?
    • Works online
    • It communicates very quickly between the device and the computer.
    • Easy and understandable program interface
    • ECU schematics shown in detail
    • It is quite easy to use
    How to repair ECU with ECUTEST Ecu Test Simulator?

    First, we need to connect the ECUTEST device to the ECU correctly.

    We choose the make and ECU model of the vehicle we want to connect to.

    We need to activate the battery connection, ignition connection and starter connection programmatically.

    The device initiates injector jets according to the number of injectors in the vehicle. We can change the speed through the program, we can also press the brake and take the gear to neutral.

    We test the parts in the vehicle as if they are working. While doing this test, we can change values such as fuel temperature sensor values, pressure sensor values, position values of the gas pedal and test it that way.

    What needs to be done to repair the parts is shown in the diagram.

    The best advantage of ECUTEST is being able to test the ECU on a table as if testing it on a vehicle.

    We can see the signals we see while the vehicle is running, while testing the ECU with this device, and we can test these signals.

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