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    Parts in Electric Vehicles

    Parts in Electric Vehicles

    Parts in Electric Vehicles

    With the increase of the world's population, transportation problems are increasing day by day. In addition, the number of vehicles in traffic is increasing day by day.

    This situation causes vehicle motors to damage the environment. That is, it damages the environment with harmful gas from the motors owned by the vehicle.

    As a result, the quality of the environment decrease day by day. For this reason, people have turned to other energy sources for vehicles.

    Electrical energy is one of them. Electric energy, unlike oil, is more beneficial for humanity as it is a renewable energy.

    The production of electric vehicles is increasing day by day. Manufacturers aim to keep the production of electric vehicles ahead of the production of gasoline vehicles.
    Electric motor is used in electric vehicles.  With the developing technology, this system is used not only cars and in vehicles such as trucks, planes, and boats.

    Electric vehicles are introduced to people as an environmentally friendly vehicle that almost never pollutes the environment. 
    When we look at what parts are in these electric vehicles,

    Electric Motor

    The electric motor is the most basic part of electric vehicles. These engines are very reliable, strong, and durable.  Alternating current (AC) is used in electric vehicle motors.

    The electric motor is more advantageous than other gasoline engines. For example, the noise and vibrations in cars are less. 


    Reducer Is a transmission that helps the engine actively transmit its power to the wheel.

    The reason it is referred to as Reducer is that the engine has a higher speed/minute value, so while the transmission adapts the speed of the engine to its driving potential, the reducer always adjusts the RPM to the appropriate level for RPM.

    The result of the low speed/minute powertrain in electric vehicles is more torque. 


    The battery has to be exist in electric vehicles to depot the existing electrical energy. Batteries in electric vehicles are lithium-based.  The maximum driving distance in electric vehicles depends on the capacity of the battery.

    If the battery capacity is high, the driving distance is also high.  If the driving distance is high, the stopping time of a vehicle at charging stations is decreased.

    In addition, the size of the battery in electric vehicles and the weight of the battery are an important effect for vehicle performance.

    If the electric vehicle has a larger and heavier battery, this will negatively affect the vehicle's storage space, energy efficiency and fuel economy.

    As a result, electric vehicle performance can be optimized when the energy density in the battery is maximized. For electric vehicles, the battery must have a small and light electric energy depot. 

    On-board Charger(OBC)

    OBC is used to convert AC from portable chargers used in slower chargers to DC.  OBC is available for charging in electric vehicles. If fast chargers provide electricity with direct current, OBC is not needed in case of fast charging.


    The controller is a part that can control all the components for electric vehicles. This part is like the ECU of the electric vehicles . At the same time, this part controls the charging status of electric vehicles. 

    Charging cable

    After purchasing electric vehicles, it is the cable that is available in your vehicle so that you can charge your vehicle on all charging stations.

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