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    How to remove the Adblue on Caterpillar and Caterpillar machines?

    How to remove the Adblue on Caterpillar and Caterpillar machines?

    How to remove the Adblue on Caterpillar and Caterpillar machines?

    As Nitro Mechatronics, we carefully do operations like Adblue, EGR, DPF solutions, with your CAT ET diagnostic tool, for your CAT construction machines and other vehicles that use CAT engines.

    What do you need to have for these operations?

    We perform the above-mentioned operations through the OBD on the construction machine. You need only a CAT ET diagnostic tool and a computer with internet connection. If you have all these, we perform these operations in a professional way.

    What should you do during the procedure?

    What you need to do during the process will be explained to you step by step.

    What you should do after the operation?

    After the operation, if there is still fault lamp and the fault is hidden in the ECU, you should delete this fault.

    If there is torque limitation on the vehicle or the limp mode is active, these will be disabled.

    You can remove the sensors in the exhaust system because you dont need them anymore. You will no longer need to use adblue since the Adblue system will be disabled.

    This service we have ensured as Nitro Mechatronics is under our guarantee: If you do not make any changes to the flash file after the operation we have done, the operation will run clearly, but if you make any changes, the operation will be out of warranty.

    Another case that breaks the warranty is the replacement of the ECU.

    Which vehicles can you operate?

    To Cat engine machines; Asphalt Machine, Backhoe Type Construction Machine, Cold Planer, Dozer, Dumper, Excavator, Grader, BekoLoader, Skid, Vibration, Rock Drill, Forklifts

    Construction machines using Cat engine; Atlas Copco, Bomag, Furukawa, MOW, Prinoth, Sandvik, Vermeer

    CAT vehicles; 12M2 Motor Grader, 140M2 Motor Grader, 160M2 Motor Grader, D6T Track Type Tractor, D7E Track Type Tractor, D8T Track Type Tractor, D9T Track Type Tractor, 312E Excavator, 314E Excavator, 316E Excavator, 3186E Excavator, 320E Excavator, 324E Excavator 329E Excavator, 336E Excavator, 336F Excavator, 349E Excavator, 349F, Excavator

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