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    How to improve the Performance of the Vehicle?

    How to improve the Performance of the Vehicle?

    What is vehicle performance?

    Vehicle performance is used to describe the maximum capacity of the vehicle. For example, your car may have a powerful engine, but the tires in your car may be bad. This may reduce vehicle performance. 

    Vehicle Performance Decrease

    • Poor quality spark plugs reduce vehicle performance.
    • Poor exhaust status
    • Having more weight than the capacity of the vehicle
    • Poor quality of tires in the vehicle

    How to improve the Performance of the Vehicle?

    First, replacing spark plugs improves vehicle performance. Spark plug is an engine component that provides the spark that ignited the mixture of air and fuel. In addition, the Injector adjusts the explosion of diesel fuel.

    This allows the fuel to explode more. This improves vehicle performance even more.

    If the fan and fuel pumps that keep the engine cool change, vehicle performance increases. Because such mechanical parts use horsepower in the vehicle to slow down your vehicle.

    The air and fuel that perform the engine work are very important. Because installing an air filter in the vehicle or replacing the existing air filter with the better air wick increases the speed of the engine.

    The more you keep your vehicle's capacity to a minimum, the faster your vehicle goes, which directly positively affects vehicle performance. In addition, the choice of quality tires that you will use in your vehicle correctly provides air pressure.

    This improves your vehicle's handling, speed, and reliability. This improves vehicle performance.

    After briefly mentioning vehicle performance, let's look at how the vehicle performance speed is measured,

    The Dyno Test is carried out with the machine with rotating cylinder bull block that can grip the wheels in two directions.

    Engine performance is examined with the computer-aided Dyno Test.

    Thanks to this test, it refers to how much power generated by the engine in the vehicle is transferred to the wheels of the vehicle and the measurement of the power losses in this resulting engine is made by the engine performance test (Dyno Test).

    First, the test team checks the suitability of the vehicle for testing (such as engine oil values and water values in the vehicle).

    The vehicle is then taken to the area where the test team will be performed. Here, the torque of the engine power is detected in the face of high speeds of the vehicle's engine in computer control.

    In addition, the horsepower of the vehicle and the suitability of the engine torque are examined in the face of various speeds applied to the vehicle by the test team.

    The engine values and engine speed of the vehicle are compared with the factory output values of the vehicle. In addition, the ignition and fuel system of the vehicle are examined.

    With the Dyno test,

    • The horsepower of the engine
    • Engine Torque
    • Engine Values
    • Ignition and fuel 
    • Values such as those examined by test teams. This test examines how accurately motor power is transmitted to the wheels. 
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