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    How do hybrid electric vehicles work?

    How do hybrid electric vehicles work?

    How is the working logic of hybrid electric vehicles?

    Hybrid cars are a type of car that stands out in terms of both performance and fuel consuming nowadays. Additioanly, it has very advantage in terms of emissions.

    In hybrid electric vehicles there are both battery-powered electric motor and an internal combustion engine and they work in combine.

    Thanks to the hybrid cars, both the low emission function of electric cars and the range of internal combustion engines vehicles combine.

    These are the advantages of hybrid vehicles ;

    It works with the electric motor and interenal combustion engine in harmony:

    Hybrid vehicles have a smaller internal combustion engine because an electric motor gives extra power to run.

    There is a  battery inside of the vehicle and it ensures power to the auxiliary loads and reduces the engine idling when the vehicle is stopped.

    With these, performance is not compromised and ensures better fuel economy.

    Regenerative Braking function:

    You dont need to charge batteries in hybrid vehicles externally to recharge. Instead of it, people use regenerative braking and internal combustion engine.

    The vehicle uses the electric motor as a generator and stores the energy obtained in the battery and captures the energy lost during braking.

    Fuel efficient system design in hybrid vehicles:
    We classify the hybrid vehicles as mild hybrid and full hybrid;

    Mild hybrids has a battery and electric motor to power the car. When the vehicle stops, these vehicles stop the engine and save fuel.

    Mild hybrid vehicles cannot use electricity alone to power. These vehicles are cheaper than full hybrids, but full hybrid vehicles are more advantageous in terms of fuel.

    In full hybrid vehicles there are larger batteries and electric motors which can power the vehicle over short distances and at low speeds.

    These vehicles are more expensive than mild hybrids but these vehicles save more on fuel.

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