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    How do Universal Tire pressure sensors work?

    How do Universal Tire pressure sensors work?

    How do Universal Tire pressure sensors work?

    How do Universal Tire pressure sensors that can work with all brands work?

    Tire pressure sensors have been gradually used in vehicles since 2006.

    With the developing technology, the electronic systems of the vehicles and the importance given to ensuring their safety, tire pressure sensors have become mandatory in 2014.

    These tire pressure sensors are produced to keep the tire pressure under constant control and to warn the driver in case of any malfunction.In other words, it prevents the occurrence of accidents by preventing adverse conditions in the tire.

    Proper tire operation, good pressure levels also reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

    How do tire pressure sensors work?

    There are 2 different methods. One is the direct method and the other is the indirect method.

    The direct TPMS system is used in advanced vehicles. Much more precise results are given. In this system, sensors are connected to the tires and the driver instantly monitors the values.

    In the other indirect system, it works together with the ECU. It understands whether there is a malfunction with the differences in the rotational speed of the wheel.

    Direct TPMS is more widely used and gives clear results.

    These sensors, which are located in all 4 tires of the vehicle, constantly measure the tire pressures and warn the driver in case of changes.These sensors are not repairable, so if they fail, they must be replaced.

    When the tire pressure sensor is replaced, the new sensor must be introduced to the vehicle.

    There are devices for this too.

    The device named ts 508 produced by Autel is very efficient for this job.

    Introduces new sensors to the vehicle in an easy way.

    Autel Tire Pressure Sensor-Mx Sensor

    • These sensors can be programmed at the time of change.
    • Compatible with most American, European and Asian cars.
    • It makes an accurate measurement.
    • It prevents air leakage in the tires.
    • It is compatible with any tire.
    • Installation is very simple and fast.
    • Battery life is between 4-6 years.
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