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    What is an electrical car? Types of electric cars

    What is an electrical car? Types of electric cars

    Electrical Vehicle Types

    Most automobile manufacturers have focused on electric vehicle production in line with the increasing demand for electric vehicles and their targets of reducing emissions to zero, and they have said that they will produce only electric vehicles in the future.

    The EU has also declared that they will ban cars with internal combustion engines from 2035.

    The decision that taken in the European region, that has an serious place in the vehicle production market, will soon affect all other regions. In this way, it is really possible to see only electrical cars on the ways in the coming years.

    What is an electrical car and what are the types of electrical cars?

    Electrical cars are cars that used for transportation, just like the other cars with internal combustion engines. Although these cars look like the other cars in appearance, they are actually very different cars.

    Electrical cars are cars that gives us to move by converting the energy from the battery to the engine into mechanical energy. Electrical cars are very different from other cars in points of the parts inside.

    Parts like fuel tank, internal combustion engine, exhaust are not available in electrical cars. There are different types of electrical cars. These types are; hybrid, hybrid plug-in, range extended car and pure electrical car.

    Types of electrical cars and their features:

    Hybrid car: Hybrid car has both an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. In Hybrid car, the electrical engine works in coordination with the internal combustion engine.

    The car, charges the battery without using a socket, with the 'regenerative braking'.

    Hybrid Plug-in car : Hybrid Plug-in car type is very similar to a hybrid car, except that hybrid plug-in car has a range of only 25-50 km. We can charge the battery by plugging it into the socket.

    Extended range car: Extended range car type also has both an internal combustion engine and an electrical engine. Different from the hybrid vehicle, in Extended range car type , the movement of the electrical motor takes place through the internal combustion engine feeding the electric motor.

    In Extended range car type, too, the battery is charged by plugging it into the socket.

    Pure electrical car: Pure electrical car type is the 'electrical car' we know. It includes only the electrical engine. Its battery is charged by plugging it into the socket. Car range is different from car to car.

    Some cars can go 200 km on a full charge, while other cars can go 500 km with full charge. It is undisputed that car ranges will rise greatly as technology increases.

    If we explain that shortly , with current technologies, we can reach these electrical car types. These car types are little similar to each other in their range and operating logic.

    As technology improves, new car types may be added to these car types, and even if new car types are not added, those  car types will improve immensely.

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