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    Electric Vehicles in Terms of Advantages and Disadvantages

    Electric Vehicles in Terms of Advantages and Disadvantages

    Electric Vehicles in Terms of Advantages and Disadvantages

    There are many tools with the developing technology and these tools have both advantages and disadvantages. It is very difficult to say that something has only advantages.

    Electric vehicles are also becoming very popular. For this reason, many companies that produce vehicles have concentrated on producing electric vehicles. For this reason, people's interest has also focused on electric vehicles.

    Therefore, customers have also focused on electric vehicles. So , in this article, we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of electrical vehicles.

    Electrical cars have advantages and disadvantages just like the other vehicles. Although electrical cars have many advantages, they also have disadvantages as well and we need to talk about it.

    I will give explaining for the advantages and disadvantages respectively;

    What are the advantages of electrical cars?

    • Electrical cars are very environmentally friendly : These cars do not include the parts of the car with an internal combustion engine. So, they dont release toxic gases to the environment. Thats why, they are very important for reducing emission values to zero.
    • The driving pleasure we get in these vehicles is better than in other vehicles: The functions like  fast speed change, rapid response time and quietly operation in these cars offer drivers with a very pleasant driving experience. Electrical cars produce momentary torque compared to other cars. So, The electrical cars provide faster acceleration and deceleration.
    • Electrical cars consume less fuel when they are compared to other cars: It is cheaper to fill an electric battery than to fill a petrol car tank. In fact, this rate is around 75 percent. Because of we dont buy electricity from abroad like oil, Currency fluctuations do not affect electricity prices much.
    • Finding a charging station is easier than finding a gas station: The charging stations is very small in terms of their sizes. So, We can  find them everywhere. These are the examples: malls, parks, parking lots, roadsides, etc. It provides us many advantages because we can also charge it in our houses.
    • The maintenance costs of electrical cars are also quite low: The electric vehicle engine is not as complex as the internal combustion engine. Thats why, these vehicles both break down less and require less maintenance.

    What are the disadvantages of electrical cars?

    • The price of electrical cars is quite expensive compared to other cars: Competition in the electrical car market has not increased much yet. Therefore, the prices are still higher than other vehicles.
    • When we look at the fuel filling times of other vehicles, the charging times of these vehicles are quite high: It takes only a few minutes to fill the tank in gasoline or diesel vehicles.

    However, this is not the case with electric vehicles. While the fastest charging type takes about 1 hour, it can take up to 8 hours. But , with the improving technologies, these charging times will be very low.

    • The market for these electric vehicles is also quite uncertain: Electrical cars that release every year come out with much different function. So, customers prefer renting rather than buying. Thats why, the second-hand market is also very uncertain.

    To summarize briefly, electrical cars are quite advanced in terms of technological functions. Electrical cars are also quite sensitive to the environment.

    So , we can say its advantages are much more remarkable. The disadvantages are due to the new popularity of vehicles. As technologies in electrical cars improve, these disadvantages will go away.

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