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    Does petroleum engineering have a future?

    Does petroleum engineering have a future?

    Does petroleum engineering have a future?

    The future is being built with electrical products or with energy sources that do not pollute the environment. Large companies that producing cars and environmentalists plan their investments accordingly to produce electric or hybrid vehicles.

    States are making serious subsidies in this regard and necessary laws are being prepared or enacted to pave the way for investors.

    Although the production of electric or similar vehicles is starting to accelerate, the infrastructures to keep them alive are not enough yet. People continue to prefer internal combustion engines vehicles or hybrid vehicles because of late charging batteries.

    This shows that internal combustion engines vehicles will not be easily withdrawn from the market. Because there are too many internal combustion engines vehicless and people are forced to prefer internal combustion engines cars under normal circumstances.

    The start of the production of vehicles that can work with electric or cleaner energy means the end of the oil sector. 

    The highly developed petroleum sector cannot handle this situation, and for this, it needs professions or inventions that will lead to the development of petroleum engineering or fossil fuels.

    There are very serious investments in the development of internal combustion engines and the internal combustion engines that have emerged consume less energy and provide strong performance compared to the past.

    If there are inventions that will reduce carbon emissions, internal combustion engines vehicles can remain strong in the market or continue as a strong competitor against electric cars.

    As in the past, there is only one way to make fossil fuels superior to electric cars, less fuel more energy, this is the only option that will make them strong in the market.

    Although electric motors were powerful in the past, fossil fueled motors remained strong in the market due to the lack of energy of electric vehicles and the lack of charging stations due to the weak batteries.

    There are strong investments and technologies that develop themselves day by day in both areas, but the common goal of both should be to leave a livable world to people.

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