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    Do you want to edit your own tuning file?

    Do you want to edit your own tuning file?

    Do you want to edit your own tuning file?

    The increase in performance in vehicles attracts people's attention. The easiest way to do this is with chiptuning. It has also become popular because it is easy and effective.

    As it has become popular, the number of companies working on chiptuning has also increased. The process is also quite simple. The first thing we need is an ecu programming device.

    With this device, we get the file from the ECU, edit the file through a tuner and write the file to the ECU with our device again. The process is that simple. But the most important part is the editing of the file.

    Many companies that do chiptuning do not know how to edit files. However, it is possible to professionally edit our tuning files on our own.

    StageX program that you can edit your tuning files

    Magicmotorsport, which we have heard about thanks to the professional chiptuning devices it has produced in the chiptuning industry, has also designed the tuning editing platform 'StageX' for you.

    Thanks to the  StageX appllication designed by Magicmotorsport, you can edit your own files. It is quite simple to use, so it is also quite simple to learn.

    Once you learn to use the program, you will not need anyone to edit the tuning file, you will be able to act independently because you can edit the files yourself.

    In Chiptuning, the most important part is the part where we edit the file, because the performance of the vehicle will change as a result of the adjustments we will make in this part, or the vehicle may break down as a result of an incorrect arrangement.

    So, learning how to make the file is extremely important and once you learn it you will be fully involved.

    As I said above, you can edit the tuning files professionally with the StageX application. StageX includes artificial intelligence in the StageX application.

    With this, you can define the calibrations of the ECU and TCU. So, we have opportunity for easy modification. We can make transactions quite qucikly and reliably.

    It also gives us the DTC clearing function and offers us the right to clear 20 free DTCs per day. The main functions of the StageX map editing program are as follows;

    Map recognition function:You can scan the  Ecu and Tcu files  automatically for best calibration. You can define the calibration files together with the 2D and 3D graphics that we got.

    Erasing DTC(error code) function: You can erase all DTCs in the car with one tap.

    Solution module function: With this function, you can compare the original file with the edited file easily.

    Mod File function: Magicmotorsport firm ensures trouble free file exchange for continuously performance boost.

    Driver Map function: Thanks to this function, You can create maps and save the maps.

    Checksum function: Thanks to this function, You scan the checksum, that exist in the engine memory of most cars.

    You can have it by purchasing the StageX application, which is offered to you by Magicmotorsport, which provides extremely reliable and fast processing. Since you can edit your own file, you can have the opportunity to work freely.

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