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    Is there any damage to cars to nature?

    Is there any damage to cars to nature?

    Cars as a means of transportation

    The need for transportation is a need that mankind has constantly needed from the past to the present. From past to now, people have used different methods for transportation. Until the 18th century, people were using mount animals for transportation.

    Later that, someone has produced steam powered cars. At the end of the 19th century, someone has produced the first car with an internal combustion engine.

    Thus, cars have become an essential part of our lives by showing continuous improvement until today.

    The damage of cars to nature and the preventions taken to prevent it

    Cars, which make our lives much better, also include  harmful functions. The most important of harmful functions is the harmful gases they emit to the environment.

    These gases are also so harmful for human health. So, many emiision rules were published  to reduce the harmful effects of the automobile by many organizations.

    Diesel fuels make pollution to the environment more than petroleum, so diverse arrangements have been made for them.

    For example; It has become obligatory to have a Diesel Particulate Filter in cars and it is aimed to snare the toxic substances in diesel fuel in this filter.

    The another example is to place Adblue system on vehicles. In this system, which works with diesel fuel, it has been published to remarkably reduce the damage of diesel to nature.

    But, although these arrangements reduce the damage, they are not solutions that prevent the damage.

    The European Union makes the use of electric cars obligatory in 2035.

    However,no harmful gas is released to the nature because there is no internal combustion engine in electric vehicles.

    For this reason, electric car production has increased in many region of the world, including Europe, and the use of electric cars have increased in this direction.

    Although this is happening according to  individual preferences for now, it will become obligatory in the future. Because the European Union has published that they will ban internal combustion engine cars from 2035. Many car producer companies have said that they wont produce diesel or gasoline cars by 2030, but only electric vehicles.

    The European Union has taken these kind of decision because the harmful gases delivered into the nature are very damaging to the atmosphere.

    These toxic gases emitted into the atmosphere will make important climatic problems and problems like  drought in the future. For preventing this completely, the European Union has banned diesel and gasoline cars from 2035.

    For preventing  this damage, the people have used  in semi-fueled semi-electric cars, which we call 'hybrid' cars. It is possible to describe this hybrid car use as a transition period to electric cars.

    Hybrid cars have been very efficient at preventing this damage. But, since it includes fuel, it could not decline the damage to 0.

    Changing climatic situations, increasing global warming forced the European Union to publish this decision, they thought that if they didnt publish this decision, there will be huge climatic issues in Europe in the future.

    Looking at all this, the decision that taken by the European Union is an very serious decision and concerns the all world.

    The decision that  taken by the European Union, the compliance of car manufacturers with this decision, shows us the signals that many countries will publish a similar decision in the future.

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