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    Why we choose electrical vehicles?

    Why we choose electrical vehicles?

    Why should cars with internal combustion engines be changed by electrical cars?

    There have been cars in our lives for many years, and these are mostly cars with internal combustion engines.

    These cars have made our lives much better and they have been at the center of our lives. When we first used those cars, The people didn't see the harmful aspects or they didnt want so see, because the cars satisfied our needs very well in the first times.

    We didnt have alternatives to these cars at that time. Later, different arrangements were made for these damages (like putting DPF or Adblue systems to diesel cars), but these arrangements were not enough to avert the damages.

    Today, We have  very important improvement to avert these damages; this is 'electrical cars'.

    For what reasons should we abandon internal combustion engine vehicles and use electric vehicles instead?

    We have a lot of reasons for us to give up internal combustion engine cars and switch to electrical cars. These cars do not only ensure us an economic advantage, they also ensure us a lot of advantages.

    The reasons that I will talk below are maybe the most important reasons that will direct us to the electrical car and these are;

    These cars runs very quietly: Because of these cars dont have an internal combustion engine, there wont be vibration in the car when the car is running, so that the car doesnt make so noise while running.

    This not only ensures us with a more fun ride, but also absolutely declines noise pollution.

    These cars dont make dirty the environment: When these cars operate, there is no combustion , so averting the releasing of greenhouse gases and harmful gases. This offers us a cleaner environment.

    These cars are more powerful: These cars are as powerful as the vehicle that has internal combustion engine, and also even more powerful at acceleration.

    They are using the kinetic energy produced when braking for charging the battery at a certain rate.

    These cars need less maintenance: The electrical engine in these cars includes 90 percent less components than internal combustion engines, so the maintain in these cars is easier.

    You can save money easily with these cars: A car with a diesel engine consumes almost 6 liters of fuel per 100 km.

    Electrical cars consume almost 16kWh of energy per 100 km. If we think an yearly 20000 km drive, a 20000 km drive in an electrical car costs almost 7000 Turkish liras, but a 20000 km drive with a diesel car costs almost 23000 Turkish liras. So, You can save around 16000 Turkish lira per year.

    If i want to say shortly, electrical cars give us a quieter environment, cleaner environment, stronger driving and economic savings.

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