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    Why is it important to clean the DPF?

    What is the function of the diesel particulate filter?

    It is obligatory to have a Diesel Particulate Filter in diesel vehicles manufactured in 2009 and later.

    The diesel particulate filter is a system created to prevent the harmful gases from the vehicle from spreading to the environment. This system has a great role in preventing air pollution.

    What are the reasons for clogging the diesel particulate filter? How is the cleaning done?

    Diesel Particulate Filters may fail after vehicles travel a certain distance.

    These faults can be understood in the following cases;

    A noticeable increase in fuel consumption in the vehicle

    Bad odors from the vehicle's exhaust

    Turbo pressure may drop if the diesel particulate filter fails. In these cases, the fault can be understood.

    The condition of the vehicle falling out of traction

    Why is the diesel particulate filter clogged?

    Using the vehicle in general at low revs.

    Low fuel quality and low quality oil used.

    If the vehicle has been idle for a long time.

    Regeneration process with the diagnostic device

    When the filter is clogged in passenger cars and heavy vehicles, regeneration can be done.

    This process can be done with authorized service devices, as well as with universal diagnostic devices.

    In the passenger car group, the devices of Autel and Launch brands are quite successful in this regard.

    The devices of the Jaltest brand are also very successful in heavy-duty vehicles.

    However, the regeneration process is not a permanent solution for this malfunction. For a permanent solution, the filter must be cleaned.

    Cleaning Diesel Particulate Filter with DpfCleanPro

    Cleaning the DPF with the DpfCleanPro machine gives you a precise result.

    Washes and cleans DPFs in passenger cars and heavy duty vehicles.

    DPF is machine washed with the help of water and chemicals.

    This machine has 2 modes. These; It is Manual mode and Automatic mode. In manual mode, conditions such as time and liquid to be used are determined by the user. In automatic mode, the machine determines and this provides serious savings and precise results.

    After the cleaning process is finished, the machine displays the results as before and after.

    Cleaning with DpfCleanPro does no harm to the DPF.

    After washing with DpfCleanPro;
    • The vehicle's emission values are restored.
    • Vehicle traction increases again and returns to its previous level.
    • Fuel consumption is reduced.
    • Turbo works more efficiently.
    • The malfunction lamp, which is illuminated due to an oxygen sensor error, turns off.
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