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    What is Tire Pressure Sensor System?

    What is TPMS system?

    Undoubtedly, tires are one of the most important parts of cars. So much so that a car cannot be expected to move without tires.

    The health of the vehicle tire is extremely important for the vehicle, and if any adverse situation occurs in the tire, it both endanger the driving and reduces the performance of the vehicle considerably.

    With the advancement of technology, it is aimed to bring innovations to prevent these situations, so a new technology has been developed for tires and this technology is called Tire-pressure monitoring system.

    This system is actually a security system. This system is a system that warns the driver when there is any pressure loss in the vehicle tire and when it detects any systemic malfunction.

    This system has become mandatory in all passenger cars manufactured after 2007 in the USA and after November 2012 in Europe.

    What are the benefits of TPMS system?

    This system is very beneficial for the driver.

    The biggest benefit is that it constantly warns the driver in case of malfunction in tire pressure and prevents many accidents that may occur, another benefit is that it contributes to fuel performance, as it is known, low tire pressure increases fuel consumption considerably and this system warns the driver and prevents excessive fuel consumption and another important benefit is that it extends the tire life by ensuring that the pressure in the tire is regular, which provides a lot of financial benefits to the driver.

    How does the TPMS system work?

    As for the working principle of this system, this system is designed to monitor tire pressures and it does this in 2 ways.

    The first is the "indirect TPMS" system, which compares the information from the speed sensors with the information in the ECU and detects changes in tire pressures.

    The second method is "direct TPMS" and this system is much more widely used than the other. In this system, there are Tire Pressure Sensors for tires and pressure values are followed with these sensors and instant values are examined on the display.

    What is the TPMS sensors?

    TPMS sensors have a very important place for the operation of this system.

    The tire pressure sensor is a system mounted directly on the tire that monitors the pressure in the tire and informs the driver wirelessly.

    It provides more precise and clear information than other indirect system.

    The working logic of TPMS sensors is as we have just said, the sensors control the pressure values, the instant values can be examined and the driver is informed in case of a possible negative situation.

    An average sensor is used for 5 years and needs to be replaced after 5 years.

    What are the malfunctions of TPMS sensors and How to fix the malfunctions?

    Malfunctions may also occur in TPMS sensors and as a result of these malfunctions, the warning lamp lights up in the vehicle, as a result of this malfunction, the tire pressure is checked, if there is a problem, it is fixed or the malfunction code is deleted by means of diagnostic devices, if the malfunction still continues, the TPMS sensor must be replaced because these sensors can not be repaired.

    This is not an extra cost for the driver. Therefore, while choosing the TPMS sensor, great importance should be given to quality and a high quality product should be preferred by doing a good research. In short, these sensors are of vital importance for the vehicle and quality should be considered when purchasing.

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