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    What is the working logic of electric vehicles ?

    What is the working logic of electric vehicles ?

    What is the working logic of electric vehicles ?

    Full electric vehicles are different from other vehicle types in case of their working logic.

    Full electric vehicles have an electric motor instead of an internal combustion engine. These vehicles dont use fossil fuels as fuel such as other vehicles, Electric vehicles have a large battery inside.

    This battery is charged together with electric vehicle charging equipment. Electric vehicles are electrically powered, so these vehicles dont have exhaust pipe and it does not emit exhaust.

    In electric vehicles there are no fuel-related components such as the fuel tank, fuel pump.

    What I told you briefly was the difference of electric vehicles from other vehicles. If you want, let's have a look at what basic components electric vehicles have for their operation.

    What are the basic components found in full electric vehicles?

    Battery: In electric vehicles, a battery ensures the electricity desired to power all the components in the vehicle. You can think  that it is the most important part in the vehicle.

    Charging point: Thanks to the charging point , the vehicle can connect to the charger for charging the battery in the vehicle.

    Converter: Thanks to the converters in the vehicle, the high voltage DC power coming into the vehicle converted to the DC power required to run the vehicle and charge the battery.

    Electric motor: The electric motor gives power to the wheels using power from the battery. Some vehicles have a generator for both driving and regenerating features.

    Charger into the vehicle: Thanks to this component,  AC current from the charging point is converted to DC current for charging the battery. It also communicates with the charging system and watchs the battery conditions like voltage, current, temperature while charging.

    Controller: This component controls the speed of the electric motor and the torque it produces, managing the flow of electrical energy supplied by the battery.

    Cooling system: This component provides that the engine, controller, battery and all other components stay at the appropriate operating temperature.

    Gearbox (Electric): Gearbox moves the wheels with transferring the mechanical power from the electric motor.

    In electric vehicles, of course, there are many other electronic components. But, all of the above mentioned components are the basic components need for electric vehicles to run.

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