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    What is the Sim Card Activation in the Tesla Cars?

    Where is this operation made?

    The use of electric cars has increased considerably recently. Because electric vehicles have become very popular.

    Tesla brand electric vehicles play a big role in this. Tesla has revolutionized the automotive industry with its electric vehicles. The function of the electrical cars it produces rise people's interest in electrical cars and particularly Tesla cars.

    If we want to talk about these functions , these are; autonomous driving, remote access to the car, internet browsing, instant monitoring of road conditions, and viewing weather conditions.

    Those functions do Tesla cars more than just a car.We need an online internet connection for using all those functions. In our country, for using an online connection, we need  an operation called 'Sim Card Activation'. 

    What is the Simcard Activation Operation in Tesla cars? Why is it made?

    In Tesla cars , we need internet connection  for all these functions that I talked above. In the past, we could connect our phone's internet to the vehicle and benefit from these features, but now this feature is not available in our Tesla to connect to the internet.

    So, the tesla comes with a sim card inside. In our country, Because of the most of the Tesla brand cars are bought from abroad, the sim cards does not work in here.

    Thats why, we need to do Simcard Activation operation for Tesla cars in our country. Sim card activation is the insertion of a sim card that supports m2m into the vehicle and activation with the software.

    After we did this operation to the vehicle , we will solve the connection problem in the vehicle .

    This problem is perhaps the biggest problem in Tesla vehicles in our country. Because Tesla cars need the internet connection for using the biggest function, if we dont have internet connection in Tesla, there is no point in owning a Tesla car.

    As Nitro Mechatronics company, as a result of our R&D studies, we can easily solve the sim card activation problem of Tesla brand vehicles.

    How is the Simcard Activation Operation of Tesla electrical cars done?

    First, for the activation operation, we need a m2m compatible sim card used in our country. This sim card must be the 2FF big simcards that we used in the past, this sim card should not be the current nanosimcards.

    There should be no pin code on the sim card, even if there is, it must be removed, If there is a pin code on the sim card, the activation will not take place.

    We also need to obtain the APN settings for the sim card. In addition, the sim card must be open to international roaming. After getting a sim card with those specs, this sim card will mount to the vehicle and activation operation will be done with the original software with the tesla license.

    Where can we have sim card activation of Tesla Brand electrical cars?

    Firstly, we have to buy a sim card with the function that I told above. After we got the simcard , the activation operation will be made with the original software with the tesla license.

    As Nitro Mechatronics, we do sim card activations of Tesla brand electrical cars in an experienced way. If you need  Sim card activation operation for your Tesla brand cars , you can get help from our offices or you can call us at 0850 755 02 30.

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