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    What is the function of the anti-lag system?

    What is the function of the anti-lag system, and how does it work?

    As cars have become quite common nowadays, many people have become car enthusiasts.

    People have made various adjustments to their vehicles, so the vehicles have started to become much different than when they left the factory.

    To give an example of one of these customizations, it is the changes made to the exhaust sound. Sometimes we hear a very loud noise from a speeding vehicle on the road or from a rally racing vehicle.

    This sound is also caused by the anti-lag system working together with the turbo feeding system in the vehicles.

    The main purpose of the anti lag system is to eliminate the turbo lag. In our blog today, we will explain the antilag system. But first we need to know what a turbocharger is.

    What is the turbocharger system, what does it do?

    Turbocharger system is an engine feeding system that exist in internal combustion engines. Thanks to this system, the vehicle performance increase  and fuel consumption reduce.

    In order to see an increase in performance in the vehicle engine, we need to increase the amount of air and fuel in the combustion chamber.

    This is actually the goal of the turbo system, its purpose is burning more air and fuel mixture in the engine. Thanks to the turbo, the engine gets in more air, the got air is sent to the high-pressure cylinders and the car comes into contact with more air and the engine runs more powerfully.

    But, this system has a little problem named as'turbo lag'.

    What is turbo-lag ?

    Turbo lag is the time until the needed rotation speed of the cylinder ensuring the turbo feed. In today's turbo cars , this lag is less. But, there is still a time difference between the time when we pressed the gas pedal  and the turbo reaching the needed rotation speed.

    What does the anti-lag system mean, what does it do?

    Thanks to this system, our purpose is eliminating the turbo lag. We are using battery powered rotors for reducing lag in daily passenger vehicles. But, this system is not enough for vehicle lovers and in competitive areas like  Rally and F1, and the Anti lag system is made to the cars .

    With anti lag system, the combustion continues in the exhaust always, and the energy is always transferred to the turbo. Thanks to this system, the problem of turbo lag is fixed, and the turbo can reach the wanted rotation speed always.

    Is the anti lag system harmful for the vehicles?

    The largest harm that we see in this system is that the system keeps the engine hot always. So, the components in the car wear out faster.

    Thats why, we should make regular checks, otherwise the car may become unusable in a short time.

    Is it possible to add the antilag system to every vehicle?

    We can add the anti to any vehicle that has turbocharger system. But, thanks to this system, the parts in the car can wear out fastly and you may have legal problems because of this system.

    If you dont use your vehicle in areas like  rally, race and if you you dont have advanced driving training, we dont recommend to use this system.

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