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    What is StageX Map Editing Software?

    What is StageX Map Editing Software?

    What is StageX Map Editing Software?

    There are many ways to increase vehicle performance, but the most common and simple one is the Chiptuning operations.

    This basic process takes place with the chiptuning operation, which we all have heard of at least one time. For performing these chiptuning operations, we need software programs  as well as the ECU programming device.

    One of these editing  programs is StageX map editing software. This software was developed by Magicmotorsport, whose we mostly know from  its Flex ECU programming device.

    Magicmotorsport, which gives us really good opportunities in points of devices, has also gave us great opportunities in point of software.

    Why use StageX Map Editing Software?

    StageX map editing software gives permission about editing ECU maps. Thus, with this software, we can edit the file that we receive with the ECU programming device.

    These arrangements contains operations like chiptuning, DPF solutionsAdblue solutionsEGR solutions.

    StageX map editing software, developed by Magicmotorsport, gives permission for doing these operations in a simple way thanks to the new functions it includes.

    StageX Map Editing Software functions:

    StageX map editing software, together with the artificial intelligence in it, describes the calibration tables of ECUs and TCUs, which gives us with an easy modification advantage.

    You can do all of this quickly and securely. Except that, it gives permission to us for easily performing  such an very important operation as deleting the DTC.

    If we talk about the advanced functions of the StageX map editing software, these are;

    Map pack recognition: With this function, the ECU and TCU are automatically screened for the best calibration. Describes calibration files for changing car parameters with 2D and 3D graphics.

    DTC Removal Module: With this function , you can scan and clean all DTC codes in the vehicle  from the vehicle with one click.

    Solutions module: With this function, you can compare the modified file  with the original file.

    MOD File: Magicmotorsport gives us with a continuous file replacement service to rise performance.

    Driver Map: With this function , customized drivers and maps can be created and the users also can  create and save maps.

    Checksum: With this function, it researches and identifies the checksum in the engine calibration memory of most vehicles.

    If we want talk shortly about the StageX map editing software developed by Magicmotorsport;

    This software is a map editing software that gives great innovation to users, developes users by developing itself, and makes the work of users very easy with the artificial intelligence it includes.

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