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    What is OBD and what is its role in the vehicle?

    What is OBD and what is its role in the vehicle?

    OBDI and OBDII technologies have been developed to diagnose malfunctions that may occur in vehicles, to turn off the warning lamps after repair, and to notify the driver of malfunctions early.

    It became a standard in gasoline vehicles in 1996 and diesel vehicles in 1997.

    It has been compulsory in Europe since 2004.

    Along with OBDII, the diagnosis of ECU and electronic systems and communication via sensors have also started.

    The European equivalent of this system is EOBD.

    This OBD technology has made it possible to control the hardware and electronic systems in the vehicle, to identify the faults in detail, to record the faults on the device computer and to read the faults at any time.

    What is DIAGNOSTIC?

    Diagnostics; means to search for fault and find fault.It is easier and healthier to control vehicles with diagnostic devices.

    All modules used today are electronic. Therefore, it is not possible to provide manual control.

    Using the DIAGNOSTIC Device

    1- It is determined which system in the vehicle is faulty.
    2-One end of the diagnostic is connected to the OBD Input.
    3-The module causing the malfunction is selected from the menu on the device.
    4-To search for a fault, the device is commanded and the device communicates with the ECU and searches for the fault.
    5- Again, Diagnostic devices show you the errors they find in detail and tell you what to do.
    6- After the diagnostic process, the error must be eliminated and for this, the error code is deleted with the device.
    7- If the same error reappears on the device, the cause of the error must be changed.
    9-The replaced part must be introduced to the ECU, it is possible to do this with diagnostic devices. However, this requires a coding feature on the device, and not every device has this feature. Therefore, it is necessary to buy a device by thoroughly researching it.

    Where is the OBD2 socket located in cars?

    The OBD2 socket is mostly located in the driver's seat area. However, it may also vary depending on the vehicle make and model.It is usually possible to find the OBD2 socket in areas such as the place  between the driver's door or steering column, under instrument panel, in area under the steering wheel, under or around the driver's seat, between the steering wheel and the center console.

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