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    What is ECU Test? How to do ECU Test on table?

    What is ECU Test? How to do ECU Test on table?

    The electrical control unit, which we call ECU in vehicles, constantly monitors data such as air temperature and pressure from sensors and checks whether the vehicle is working properly.

    If we give examples of other modules, examples of Body Control Module (BCM), Suspension Control Module (SCM) can be given. There are close to 100 modules like these in new cars.

    Where all components are connected is the Engine ECU. In addition to all these features, some of the most important features are:

    To provide fuel injection, to control the ignition timing, to provide control with the data coming from the ABS brake module.

    ECU Malfunctions

    • It is very normal for the ECU, which provides all these functions, to fail. If we give an example of these malfunctions, they are;
    • It can be seen in the fuel system of the car and the fuel consumption of the vehicle may increase.
    • The fault in the engine can be seen on the instrument panel of the vehicle.
    • Depending on the increased fuel consumption, emission values ​​may change.
    • If the data from the crank and camshaft position sensors are not received correctly, the operation of the vehicle may change or the vehicle may come to a complete stop.

    The tests called Ecu test are done to find out where these faults originate.

    These tests are done by experts and diagnostic devices are used in the tests.

    How to test the ECU on the table?

    In addition to the malfunctions we have mentioned in the ECU test, when ECU malfunctions such as the vehicle's transmission module, suspension module, ABS module occur, it is to test on the table as if working on the vehicle, without the need for ECU replacement.

    What does the ECUTEST ECU test simulator do?

    Nitro Mechatronics, which closely follows the developments in the automotive industry, has produced the ECUTEST device for ECU testing, which can test the ECU without opening it.

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