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    What is DTC Eraser Error Code Disabler?

    What is the DTC Eraser?

    DTC means diagnostic trouble codes also known as OBD-II codes in automotive.

    Diagnostic trouble codes are a system for alerting the vehicle owner about problem of their vehicle.

    When there is a problem occurs OBD system generates a DTC and transmit the DTC to instrument cluster, in early systems these codes are generally shown as an indicator at instrument cluster like Malfunction Indicator Lamp or Check Engine Light.

    These trouble codes standardized so a single diagnostic device could be able to read these codes.

     DTC codes are 4 digit and the first digit is a letter that specify a sub-system. P for engine and transmission, B for body, C for chassis and U for network.

    How to clear DTCs without any tool?

    It is possible to clear DTCs without any tool but if the source of the problem not fixed, clearing the error will not turn off check engine lamp.

    Firstly, you need to remove the negative terminal of the battery then remove the positive terminal.

    After removing the battery terminals, you should turn off and on ignition 3 to 5 times. And press the horn about 30 seconds to discharge all capacitors in the ECU.

    Then connect the terminals again and turn the ignition on again and check for the warning lights on the instrument cluster. But if the source of the problems not solved the warning lights will come up soon.

    The solution above is not work with OBD 2, it is not that simple. In modern vehicles, the memory stored in a separate module. This allows ecu to return old settings after removing the battery terminals.

    The best way to clear DTCs is using a scanner or DTC eraser like OBDTEST . Scanner devices are telling you what is the error and allows you to solve the problem.

    After solving the problems, you can erase the stored DTCs and if the problem is solved properly the warning lights won’t turn back on.

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