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    What is DSG Test Device and how to repair the DSG?

    What is DSG gearbox and how to repair the DSG gearbox?

    Cars have many vital parts. One of them is undoubtedly gear. If we make the definition of gear, the gear is a gear set that transfers the rotational movement of the engine to the differantial.

    The gear provides the speed change in vehicles and provides the opportunity to move forward and backward. In this system, the power and speed of the engine are determined by the gearbox.

    The power generated in the engine is based on two things, speed and torque. The gearbox is a system that can change these two parameters.

    The gearbox increases or decreases the torque according to the driving conditions, accordingly the speed of the vehicle increases or decreases.

    In short, the transmission increases the efficiency of the engine by causing some changes in the vehicle depending on the driving conditions of the vehicle.

    Today, there are three types of gearboxes, respectively; manual transmission, semi-automatic and fully automatic transmission.

    These transmission types also have sub-types. One of them is the DSG gearbox, which is a type of dual-clutch gearbox.

    DSG transmission is a transmission type used in Volkswagen group vehicles. It is the abbreviation of direct shift-gearbox.

    Gear shifting is a bit slow in automatic transmission vehicles, and excessive fuel consumption occurs as a result of overloading.

    DSG gearbox has been produced to prevent all these from happening. With this system, gear shifts have become faster and the increase in fuel consumption has been reduced.

    How to repair DSG Transmission?

    As with many parts of the vehicle, malfunctions may occur in the DSG transmission.

    These malfunctions are such as clutch wear, malfunction of the electro-hydraulic control unit.

    Insufficient development of this system and not enough opportunities for repair cause both too much expense and too much time loss in case of failure.

    However, with the DSG-7 DQ200 Gearbox Test Device developed by Nitro Mechatronics, it is possible to save both time and costs.

    With this device, you can perform both mechanical and electronic board tests of the DQ200 mechatronics.

    You do not need to connect to the vehicle and do programming while performing these operations. This allows you to work much more comfortably.

    If we give information about the operations of this device, with the mechanical test feature of this device;

    You can perform solenoid controls, leak test, Manual shift and automatic shift test, cleaning dirty solenoids and problem detection, and with the electronic card test feature, you can perform short circuit test and sensor tests.


    In short, DSG gearbox repair is a very costly and time-consuming process, but it is possible to save both time and money with the DSG-7 DQ200 Gearbox Test Device developed by Nitro Mechatronics Company.

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