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    What is Construction Equipment Adblue Emulator?

    What is Construction Equipment Adblue Emulator?

    AdBlue malfunctions in construction machines are the malfunctions that cause the most money loss.

    It is very important that the construction machines work trouble-free and are constantly active. A small construction machine standing idle for 1 day causes a loss of work of about 1000usd.

    Common malfunctions of working machines: AdBlue system malfunction, engine malfunction.

    Usually, construction machinery users encounter Doosan AdBlue malfunctionKobelco AdBlue malfunctionCat AdBlue malfunctionJCB AdBlue malfunction.

    The importance of construction machinery in commerce cannot be overlooked.

    The construction machinery sector, which is the most demanded by the contractors and occupies a major place in the economy of the country, is one of the most important sectors.

    The trade and construction machinery sector, which works exclusively with investments, is a sector that serves the public and private sectors, where all investments are made in public works, construction, infrastructure, superstructure, mining, industry and commerce.

    All types of machinery production are of great importance, but among them, "machine tools", defined as machines that produce machinery, and "work and construction machinery, cranes, street sweepers, which are needed in the restructuring of cities, are crucial.

    Therefore, it is unacceptable that the working machines do not work or be idle. This situation leads to disruptions in the above-mentioned.

    Usually, an AdBlue malfunction or SCR malfunction occurs in Doosan construction equipment.

    Doosan construction machines has AdBlue and SCR systems in Euro 6 engines.

    The purpose of the SCR and AdBlue system is to reduce emissions in the exhaust.

    By adding AdBlue to the AdBlue system when needed, the operation of the AdBlue system can be ensured.

    However, if the AdBlue system fails, the system will not operate.

    Since the SCR and DPF system in construction machines cannot travel long distances while stationary, this system will be constantly clogged and require regeneration.

    This regeneration process causes additional fuel and time loss.

    Also, when this system fails, it is very difficult to repair and it is very costly to replace the system with a new one.

    The definitive solution for Doosan Construction Equipment AdBlue malfunction and SCR malfunction; Doosan Construction Equipment AdBlue Emulator.

    The healthiest solution for the SCR system is the AdBlue emulator. The emulator can be removed at any time and the work machine can be restarted.

    When the emulator is installed, both the AdBlue and SCR systems are deactivated, so the vehicle has no problems with the AdBlue system and the SCR system.

    The Doosan Construction Equipment AdBlue Emulator prevents wasted time, saves fuel, saves AdBlue and saves the maintenance cost for this system and increases the torque of the vehicle.

    Do not leave your work to chance, continue your business with peace of mind with the Doosan AdBlue Emulator.

    Please contact us to get information about Doosan construction equipment AdBlue emulator.

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