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    What is automatic steering system?

    What is automatic steering system?

    What is automatic steering system?

    Because of rising global warming, population, rising need for fruits and vegetables and decreasing workforce, we have  to increase productivity in production.

    Thats why, we have to use technology in agriculture and thus the term smart agriculture has entered our lives.

    The main aim of these technologies is to protect the environment, rise sustainability and maximize the efficiency obtained in agriculture.

    We can be able to do this with products produced using different technologies. One of these developed technologies is the 'automatic steering system'. Let's explain about  automatic steering system in the rest of our article.

    Automatic Steering system;

    The using of robotic and autonomous technologies in agricultural industry studies is rising everyday. One of the main reasons for this is increasing the yield obtained in agriculture and to fix errors as much as possible.

    Thanks to this technology, labor cost also  decrease. The automatic steering system is a specially produced system that allows the driver to run the tractor or other machinery on a predetermined route.

    So, thanks to this system your tractor or machine will be semi-automatic. In these systems, there is a simcard and thanks to the simcard, you can connect to the correction system published by the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre. With these systems, you can work smoothly regardless of weather conditions and terrain conditions.

    What are the benefits of the automatic steering system?

    • Thanks to these systems, efficiency rises and environmental pollution declines.
    • With this system, you can move more lines on large lands and then you will produce more.
    • The workload of the operators will be reduce and they work in a less stressful.
    • With this system, labor difficulty and cost will be reduce.
    • When you completed one row and the pass the second row  in operations such as spraying and fertilizing, the tractor may not be able to take a good turn and so large input losses may occur. Because of it there will be decrease in product quality. To fix this, drivers add extra equipment to the tractor, but with this, the operator controls the tractor more difficult. Thanks to the automatic steering system, similar problems are fixed.
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