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    What is AdBlue? Why AdBlue System is important?

    What is AdBlue? Why AdBlue System is important?

    AdBlue system is a system produced to reduce carbon emissions in diesel vehicles. AdBlue consists of 32.5% purified urea and 67.5% pure water.

    This emission liquid, which is used in vehicles with a selective catalytic reduction system, that is, SCR system, ensures the reduction of nitrous oxide in the exhaust gas.

    In cases where the diesel particulate filter is insufficient, the AdBlue liquid and the SCR catalyst work together to minimize nitrogen emissions.

    Unburned hydrocarbon-rich gases first enter the catalytic converter, where CO gas and unburned hydrocarbons are converted into harmless CO2 (carbon dioxide) gas and water.

    However, NOx gases cannot be filtered in any way here. Next comes the filtering of NOx gases.

    The gases coming out of the catalytic converter enter the SCR system this time.

    Just before the gases enter the SCR filter, AdBlue liquid is sprayed on it, and the majority of the NOx gases at the SCR outlet transformed into harmless nitrogen gas and water vapor, and then the exhaust gases finally enter the diesel particulate filter.

    Here, various harmful particles are released into the atmosphere as CO2, nitrogen and water vapor after being filtered.

    As a result of this process, NOx gases, which are the most harmful component of exhaust gases to humans and the environment, are filtered by 90%.

    What if AdBlue liquid runs out?

    If there is no AdBlue left, the vehicle will automatically lose traction and give a warning.

    If the tank is completely empty, the vehicle will not start. Catalyst and filters are damaged because there is no liquid passage. It is also possible for the AdBlue system to malfunction.

    What are AdBlue System Failures?

    System looks pretty simple but it is not reliable. Due to the large number of components the system has failures even only one component fails all system shuts down and warning lamp appears on instrument cluster.

    Failures are occurring even due to weather conditions.

    Most common malfunctions are, heating failure, freezing of AdBlue liquid, nozzle failure, NOx sensor failure, pump failure.

    How can I solve AdBlue malfunctions?

    AdBlue system has a various number of components and they are extremely expensive so changing the parts will solve your problems but even new and original parts life span will be short too.

    The second option is disabling the system via programing the engine control unit.

    The third and most common way to get rid of that system is using AdBlue emulators of Nitro Bilisim.

    You just connect emulator to the CAN Bus line and unplug the socket of control unit of the SCR system.

    Disabling will be a good solution but whenever you go to the technical inspection disabling will be a problem but if you use AdBlue emulators you can just unplug the emulator and connect socket of control unit the system works as previous.

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