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    What does the ECU do? How to make ECU programming ?

    What does the ECU do? How to make ECU programming ?

    ECU is a computer system used to control cars. It stands for Electric Control Unit. It provides communication in the car and analyzes the data from the sensors.

    There are different ECUs in each module in the new generation vehicles and there are microprocessors in the ECUs.

    In general in cars ;

    • Engine ECU
    • Abs ECU
    • Comfort system ECU
    • Display ECU
    • Airbag ECU
    • Climate ECU
    • Transmission ECU
    • There are memory units such as  ram, rom, eprom, eeprom, flash memory units in ECU.

    Ram: Holds temporary memory.

    ROM: It means readable memory.

    Eprom: It means Erasable and programmable memory.

    EEprom: It means Programmable read-only memory.

    What does the  Flash Memory Unit do  in the Ecu?

    Flash memory unit in ECU allows to make software updates in ECU.

    Chip tuning operations

    • Egr solutions
    • Dpf solutions
    • Adblue solutions
    • Oxygen sensor solutions

    For those processes , the software in the ECU should be read. This process cannot be done with diagnostic devices.

    There are Ecu programming devices and chip tuning devices  for those operations.

    After chip tuning, it makes power and torque rise , saving the fuel and make performance increase in vehicles.

    In order to check the software changes in the ECU of the car, the software in the ECU is checked and the test is done with the current file to see if it is original. In this way, it is checked whether if there is a chiptuning  in the vehicle or not.

    In this situation , the software in the car can be read and compared with the original file.

    How to test the vehicle after chiptuning?

    After the chiptuning operations to the car , there is generally a 20% to 30% performance rise in the car.

    In my workings  after chiptuning, the absolute test is shown with the car dyno.

    You can carry the mobile dyno produced by Magicmotorsport with you. So you can take it wherever you want. You can download the application to any phone or tablet.

    In this way, you can perform post-chiptuning tests on the vehicle.

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