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    What do we need for Stage 1 software operations?

    Stage1 Software Processes

    Many drivers want to improve the performance of their vehicle and want to do it at a low cost. Drivers want to reduce fuel consumption and increase vehicle traction.

    There are also diverse ways to rise car performance. One of these ways is rising car performance with software.

    Rising with software can be clarified like this;

    There are some files in the car's ECU that include information about the car. These files includes fuel injection, turbo includes values etc. Files including these values are processed.

    Generally, this process is called chiptuning processes. The process of rising car performance is also segmented.

    Those  Stage 1 , Stage 2 and Stage 3. Since we want to rise performance with the software,We interest Stage 1 is the part mostly.

    Stage 1 Why is software made?

    The performance rising operation with the software we mentioned above is actually a part of the Stage 1 operation.

    Stage 1 software operations are usually the simplest and least costly part of performance tuning.With the Stage 1 software operations, an absolute performance rise is aimed by interfering with the file in the car ECU, which we mentioned above. It is also called chiptuning processes.

    If we talk about Stage 1 software processes in more detail;

    Firstly, the process to be taken is determined, in the simple stage 1 process, we aim rising the vehicle performance, that is, the vehicle cars hp and torque.

    First, the flash file in the ECU is taken with an ECU Programming Device, according to the requested process, the files will be edited by means of diverse software applications, then the edited file is moved to the ECU thanks to  the ECU programming device.

    Thus, the stage1 software process be done. As vehicle performance increases, fuel consumption also decreases. Because the vehicle will reach the previous speeds with less performance expenditure.

    What do we need for Stage 1 software operations?

    When we talk before, this operation takes place with ECU Programming Devices. Now, both in point of price and performance, the Flex ECU Programming device produced by Magicmotorsport is very popular.

    Thanks to Flex ECU Programming devices, of which we are the distributor as Nitro Mechatronics, you can perform your Stage 1 software operations professionally.

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