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    What are hydrogen vehicles (FCEV) and how to work?

    What are hydrogen vehicles (FCEV) and how to work?

    As we can know of the name, these vehicles use hydrogen energy as fuel. These vehicles are both more efficient and emit no emissions than internal combustion engines vehicles.

    There will be only hot air and steam after the vehicle run. Hydrogen that store in hydrogen vehicles is converted into electrical energy.

    I will tell how this happens in the section where we describe the 'how to work'.

    These vehicles are charged in a short time and can travel almost 500 km with full tank just like internal combustion engines vehicles.

    Hydrogen vehicles also use advanced technologies to rise efficiency, for example regenerative braking. Now let's explain the working logic of these vehicles.

    How to work hydrogen vehicles?

    Hydrogen vehicles use electrical energy, just like fully electric vehicles. But, unlike other electric vehicles, hydrogen vehicles produce electricity by itself with using the 'fuel cell' inside. It produces electricity with hydrogen instead of charging the battery. Hydrogen vehicles includes some basic components to work like that, these are;

    Auxiliary Battery: This is the low-voltage battery and it starts the vehicle before the traction battery activates and also ensures power for the vehicle accessory.

    Battery: This is high voltage battery , this battery stores the energy produced by regenerative braking and ensures power to the electric motor.

    DC/DC converter: The high voltage DC energy is converted to the low voltage DC energy thanks to this component. 

    Electric engine(FCEV): This engine move the wheels of the vehicle by using  energy from the fuel cell and battery.

    Fuel cell: This component is a group of electrons that separately use hydrogen and oxygen to generate electricity.

    Fuel filler: With this component you can put fuel to the vehicle.

    Fuel tank (hydrogen): We store the fuel in this component. 

    Electronic controller (FCEV): The speed of the electric motor and the torque it produces are controlled with this component, and  the energy in the fuel cell and electric motor are controlled also.

    Cooling System (FCEV): This component keep the proper operating temperature of the components in the vehicle.

    Gearbox (electric):Mechanical power from the electric motor is transferred to the wheels with this component.

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