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    The prevalence of electrical vehicles

    The prevalence of electrical vehicles

    Electric cars, which have a very important place in the automotive industry, have been in our lives for a long time. Electric cars, which were first produced in the early 19th century, could not compete with internal combustion engine vehicles.

    Electrical cars, which goes less interval than cars with internal combustion engines, were not very collective because of the charging problem at this time because charging stations were not common.

    But, this status has changed due to the growth of technology and rising rivalry in electrical car production, and the using of electrical cars has become very common today.

    Even though electrical cars look like similar to vehicles with internal combustion engines in terms of appearance, they are actually pretty different in point of technical parts.

    What are the basic parts of electric vehicles?

    Electrical cars are very different from internal combustion engines in point of the parts they include.

    For example, a car with an internal combustion engine has a multi-speed transmission system, while electrical cars dont have this system.

    Because electrical motors ensure the power momentary, there is no need for creating torque through revolution like in internal combustion engines.

    Over again, electrical cars dont include many parts like exhaust and fuel tank that exist in internal combustion engines. Thats why, the harm to the periphery is quite low compared to other cars.

    Except those, other things that exist in all cars are also available in electrical cars.

    The parts that make up electric vehicles are as follows;

    • Electrical motor: It has the same working logic as the engine in many electric vehicles that we use in our lives, such as the dishwasher. The motor has AC current.
    • Inverter: It serves to convert the incoming current as AC into DC current. Thanks to this part, the rotation speed of the motor can also be changed.
    • Battery: Just as internal combustion engines have fuel tanks, electric vehicles also have batteries. Energy is stored in these batteries.
    • Controller: This part is partly like the ECUs in internal combustion engines. It analyzes the data from the battery. With this part, inverter speed can also be changed.

    These are the most basic parts that separate electrical cars from other cars that has internal combustion engines. Except those, there are also another parts such astemperature control system, charging input, spare battery.

    To explain briefly; Electrical cars have very different mechanisms from the vehicles that has internal combustion engine. These mechanisms have changed depending on the improving technologies.

    Electrical cars, which include parts of electrical logic, also have another parts that should be in cars.

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