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    The importance of the battery in electric vehicles

    The Story Of Electric Cars

    Electric cars and fossil fuel car’s struggle actually goes back a hundred years.

    First automobiles were developed from the mid-1800s but mass production only occured in the early 20th century. at 1900’s as total 4200 cars was sold in USA, 1681 of the total were steam 1575 of total were electric and 936 were Fossil fuel cars.

    In the early days of the production, demand of electric vehiles was higher than internal combustion vehicles. But after 50 years at the beggining of 1900’s the situation was getting changed.

    Despite the 50.000 electric cars in the traffic there were 3.5 million cars with internal combustion engines. On the other side, the steam cars had disappeared at the same period.

    One of the biggest reasons of why electric vehicles are less prefferred is the absence of electric charging stations on intercity roads and less range of the electrical cars. This situation effected demands and and manufacturers invested on fuel cars. 

    But because of the exhaust emission, Fuel cars damage the natüre. Because of this , Electric vehicles need to be developed for a better world today .

    Nowadays, electric vehicle production is increasing again and countries are now encouraging vehicle manufacturers to move in that direction. Because people now understand that electric vehicles are a better option fort he future of the World.

    Electric vehicles which were not in demand in the past due to battery problems, are now being produced with advanced equipment. As a result of environmental problems huge investments were made for the production of electric vehicles. 

    Lithium ion batteries 

    Lithium-ion batteries have higher rated voltages and higher energy density compared to nickel-based battery pack.. Lithium ion batteries are used in many electric vehicles.

    The fact that these batteries have no memory effect no discharge and high cycle measurements maket hem stand out among other batteries.

    In addition lithium ion batteries are physically more  they are durable and have an average lifespan of five years. It has the highest charging efficiency when compared to other battery types it is one of the types of batteries with.

    Lithium-ion battery is the least maintenance battery type.  There are investmens in further development thanks to its energy storage and performance.  As lithium ion batteries develop they will take more place in our lives.

     The biggest need for electric vehicles is the battery problem and there is a need for a battery that can provide a powerful long term energy current.

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