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    The Importance of The Battery for Electric Vehicles

    The Importance of The Battery for Electric Vehicles

    Energy storage systems are used in vehicles such as HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicles, PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles, and EV (Electric Vehicles).

    Energy storage systems are very important for these vehicles. Because these vehicles has batteries for storaging the energy, and this is the power source for electric vehicles.

    Batteries that used in electric vehicles are usually rechargeable. In addition, these batteries are lithium-ion batteries. So, the batteries have the higher amperage/hour capacity.

    The purpose of the producing of the batteries for the electric vehicles is 'providing long distance'. Since the batteries we use in electric vehicles are deep-cycle batteries, they are different from other battery types.

    Electric vehicle's batteries have a production based on more power and weight ratio, original energy and energy density produced. Since the weight of these batteries is quite light compared to other battery types, they do not increase the weight of the vehicles.

    For this reason, the performance of the vehicles increases

    We are using Lithium-ion or lithium polymer battery types in electric vehicles because these batteries have high energy densities.

    BEV (battery electric vehicles) and HEV(hybrid electric vehicles) have been more advantageous in terms of performance and energy usage intensity than other vehicles. Lithium-ion batteries are widely used because they can be charged quickly.

    Electric vehicles have less fuel cost and greater energy efficiency than other vehicles that has internal combustion engines.  

    In this case, high-performance battery systems used in electric vehicles are very important. Batteries used in electric vehicles are in the best position due to their performance and high efficiency despite their low weight.

    The batteries used in electric vehicles do not only depend on the some important main characteristics mentioned above, but it also depend on the the type of vehicle.

    The efficiency obtained thanks to the batteries used in electric vehicles is also very important for users. When we look at the current market, we see that the electric it  may have driving distance of 500 km with the full charging of the batteries used in electric vehicles.

    This has attracted the attention of users in terms of profit margin as well as efficiency.

    The batteries we use in electric vehicles are environmentally friendly, so they have attracted the attention of users. Every day, the batteries used in electric vehicles have become the most important component for electric vehicles.

    In addition, battery cell manufacturers are committed to R&D efforts to further improve the energy density of lithium-ion batteries. Because as the energy density of the battery increases, the demand for its electric vehicles will increase day by day.  

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