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    Is there a performance increase in electric vehicles

    Is there a performance increase in electric vehicles

    Is it possible to make performance increase in electric vehicles?

    Electric cars are very different from other cars in case of engines and many modules, but these vehicles have the same principles as other vehicles in case of handling.

    The engine of these cars has a quite different working logic, but you can increase performance in these cars.

    There are different ways to do this. If you want, let's have a look together.

    1- You can upgrade the battery in the vehicle for performance increase;

    When you improve the battery capacity in your car, even with the higher voltage we got, the power increase is ensured. You can replace the batteries in the car with higher capacity batteries.

    For example, the batteries in Tesla electric cars have a very high cooling because of the components in them.

    Thats why, it works more efficiently. So, the battery improvements we can make in our vehicle increase performance.

    2- You can make Improvements on electric motors for performance increase;

    The working principle of engines in electric vehicles are simpler than internal combustion engines. So, you can add extra engines to electric cars.

    Adding extra engines for each wheel or replacing the engine in the vehicle with a more powerful engine will increase the power of the vehicle.

    3- Making improvements to the computer management in the vehicle;

    As with other vehicles, vehicle producers restrict the power of the vehicle to provide vehicle safety.

    You can obtain more power from the vehicle by making some edits to the softwarein these vehicles.

    It is just like the chiptuning operation applied to vehicles with internal combustion engines. In electric card, you will need various tools for doing this.

    Although computers of these vehicles are protected, you will be able to connect to the computers of these cars in the future, just like in vehicles with internal combustion engines.

    When this will be possible, you will be able to increase the power in the vehicle.

    Changes made on the inverter can increase the performance;

    The inverters working logic is that; it converts the DC current from the battery to AC current and transfers it to the engine.

    If the rotational speed in the motor is the greater,  the switching speed of the AC current will be the greater. The higher the frequency, the higher the power available from the engine can be.

    This frequency setting is optimized in each engine, but you can change these settings.

    Keeping the battery cold is another way to increase the performance;

    If the batteries get hot, the power we get decreases, but you can increase the performance if the batteries are kept cold with options such as air cooling and liquid cooling.

    By doing all these methods, you can increase the performance of electric vehicles.

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