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    How is the maintenance process of electric vehicles?

    How is the maintenance process of electric vehicles?

    Electric cars are more expensive than other  vehicles, but it is cery advantageous in case of fuel costs etc.

    Another advantage is that these cars are very simple in structure. With these simple structures, maintenance costs of these cars are very low. Internal combustion engine vehicles require regular maintenance because of their components, but since there are not many components in electric vehicles, the maintenance of these cars are also quitesimple and cheap.

    When you have an electric vehicle, you dont do maintenance for oil ,transmission, air filter, spark plug replacement. It makes you save money. 

    If you have electric vehicles you don't actually need much maintenance, but vehicle producers suggest certain maintenance programs to users to provide that everything is running well, and if these programs are not done, your vehicle may even be out of insurance coverage.

    But, these maintenance operations are simpler and cheaper than other vehicles.

    If you want, let's have a look the maintenance program organized by an electric vehicle producer for the vehicle;

    Monthly maintenance (maintenances that the vehicle owner should do);

    -You should check the tire pressure, check the tires and check the water level for glass.

    Maintenances you should do every 12000 kilometers;

    -You should ensure the controls of the coolant for the battery, cabin heater, charger, inverter modules.

    You must check for fluid leaks. You need to do brake checks. You should check the steering, suspension and chassis.

    You need to check power steering, half shafts, drive shafts, repair if these are damaged. Check the airbags.

    You must check the gas pedal for damage, wear, etc. If there is problem, you need to repair it. Ensure suspension checks.

    Maintenances you should do twice a year;
    -Wash the bottom of the vehicle with water to clean abrasive materials.

    Maintenances you should do every 24000 kilometers;
    -You need to replace the windshield wiper blades.

    Maintenances you should do every 58000 kilometers;
    - You need to replace the cabin air filter.

    Maintenances you should do 120000 kilometers;
    -You need to replace the hood and body lift support gas springs.

    Maintenances you should do every 5 years;
    -You must be emptied and filled vehicle coolant circuits and you must change brake fluid.

    Maintenances you should do every 7 years;
    - You need to replace the air conditioner dehumidifier.

    Although electric vehicle producers release different maintenance process, the operations are mostly similar.
    The maintenance of electric vehicles are low but it does not mean that these vehicles will not have any problems.

    If you have electric vehicle, you need to do things such as changing tires, maintaining the brakes, have steering components checked, hoses, headlights, taillights, etc.

    The batteries, which are the most important parts in electric vehicles. All batteries break over time and this happens over time.

    So , if you drive an electric vehicle for a long time, you will realize this difference yourself and you will replace the battery pack.

    Finally, although the maintenance of electric vehicles is little cheap, doing these maintenances is very important for the life of the vehicle.

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