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    How do electric cars store electric energy?

    How do electric cars store electric energy?

    Nowadays, cars use gasoline, diesel or lpg as fuel. In electrical cars, that is different. Electrical cars, like another electrical stuffs, work with electrical energy.

    Cars with internal combustion engines have a fuel tank, and electrical vehicles have a battery system.

    Just like in laptops, electric energy will be store in batteries that mounted on electrical cars, and as the battery level goes lower , the vehicle need to be charge and the battery can be fill.

    There are different types of charging systems to recharge the batteries.

    Types of charging systems available for charging the batteries of electrical cars:

    These charging types are seperated to the classes in terms of the functions they have. Fuel types in car with internal combustion engines could be different, for example, regular, premium fuel types at gas stations.

    Those fuel types  can change the performance of the car. But, it is not like that in electrical car. The differences in electrical cars charging types is a difference that usually interests charging time. Some charging systems take so long time for charging, but others can take a very short time.

    If we want talk about those charging systems, they are

    Conventional Charge (16 amps), Semi Quick Charge (32 amps) and Quick Charge.

    Conventional charging system: In Conventional charging system , The car need 8 hours  for the vehicle to be fully charged. Houses that has 16 ampere and 230 volt electrical density can be used in this charging system. So, vehicles needs to be left to charge all night for full charging.

    Semi-Ready Charging System: In Semi-Ready Charging System, the car needs 4 hours for full charging. In this type of charging, We need density of 32 amps and 230 volts.

    Fast Charging System: The Fast Charging System is like in the new generation phones. It takes almost half an hour for charging 80 percent of the battery. After 80 percent charging, the charging speed goes slow down.

    Seperated from other types ,  50 kW output power can be produced in this charging system. So, this system needs a special infrastructure.

    If we tell it briefly, there are different types of charging for electrical cars. Those charging types are related to only charging times. In some charging types, for full charging we need 8 hours , but the others, 80 percent charge takes almost half an hour.

    But, We should note that these charging times are for full charge. As we dont need full tank for driving in internal conbustion engines cars, and we dont need also  for full charging capacity in electrical cars.

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