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    Green Technology Concept in the Automotive Industry

    Green Technology Concept in the Automotive Industry

    The Concept of Green Technology as an environmentally friendly technology and its use in the Automotive Industry

    As it is known, as a result of the Industrial Revolution, the product production phase was transferred to mass production. As a result of this mass production, the society has become a consumption society as well as a production society.

    As the society became a consumer society, the demands for products increased considerably. To meet the demands, manufacturers have used technologies that provide rapid production, but most of these technologies are environmentally harmful technologies.

    I can even say that the temperature of the world has increased by 1 degree as a result of harmful technologies used after the industrial revolution.

    This situation is very bad for the future of the world, because researches show that 1.5 degrees more temperature increase in our world will have irreversible consequences.

    We must do our part to prevent these situations from happening. We can achieve this by eliminating the damage caused by technologies that harm the environment. For exactly this, a concept called 'Green Technology' has entered our lives.

    What is Green Technology in general terms? For what purposes is green technology in our lives?

    Green Technology is a concept which aims for using  environmentally friendly technologies as its main goal. Before using a technology, it also considers the long-term and short-term effects it will give us.

    In this direction, Therefore, it uses technologies suitable for this purpose. In other words, it attaches importance to the use of environmentally friendly technologies that prioritize energy sustainability in order to minimize the damage to nature.

    Generally, it interests with efficiency, sustainability, recycling, health, renewability and concepts like these.

    The features of the products produced on the basis of green technology are as follows;

    • The product's intended environmental friendliness is seen in the production phase of the product. All of the materials used in the production phase are recyclable materials. For this reason, there is no problem of constantly collecting material for each product to be produced.
    • All of the products produced are recyclable products. For this reason, the product is not thrown away after the end of its useful life, but is brought back to the production line.
    • Products produced within the framework of green technology also decline carbon emissions.
    • These products, which are produced within the framework of green technology, provide a great advantage to both the producer and the consumer economically

    How is the Green Technology concept used in the Automotive Industry?

    As we all know, one of the largest harms in vehicles is the harmful gases they emit. These harmful gases are also quite dangerous for the environment. As we wrote in the first part of our article, these harmful gases directly affect the temperature increase in the world.

    Therefore, we have been used  the green technology also  in the automotive sector. We did this by electrifying cars.

    Certainly, the electircal cars are the biggest example for this. But, before fully electrical cars, the automobile producers have produced the hybrid cars , that work with electric energy and fuel energy.

    In addition, it was aimed to reduce the amount of fuel consumed and to reduce the damage caused by toxic gases emitted to nature as a result of the use of these fuels. As a matter of fact, hybrid vehicles have been successful enough in this regard and they still continue to be successful.

    But, because of the aim of green technology is to fully purge these toxic gases and energy sustainability, we targeted the production of fully electrical cars.

    The logic in fully electrical cars is absolutely as in its name, 'full electric'. All components in the vehicle, including the engine inside, use electrical energy to work..

    Parts such as exhaust and fuel tanks in internal combustion engines are not found in electrical cars. For the aim of the green technology concept, all components in these cars use electric current.

    What are the benefits of electric vehicles produced in line with the green technology concept?

    With the rise in the using of these cars, the use of vehicles with internal combustion engines is decreasing day by day, and because of the using of internal combustion engine cars will decrease further in the future, the amount of harmful gases emitted into the nature will also decrease greatly.

    This will give us with a cleaner environment. In addition, electrical energy is a very cheap type of energy compared to other gasoline and diesel fuels.

    For this reason, the expenditure to provide energy to the vehicle will also decrease considerably. In this way, consumers will also save money.

    These are just a few of the advantages I have listed. Electric vehicles will increase in the future, we will see more benefits at that time.

    To summarize, the Green Technology concept is a concept that emerged to eliminate the increasing threat of global warming and climate problems.

    This concept tells us: 'In order to avoid global warming and climatic problems in nature, we must produce products in line with the concept of green technology and people should use these products.' At the same time, this concept has also taken place in the automotive industry.

    This is exactly what electric vehicles are. The Green Technology concept tells us that the toxic gases released into the nature will be greatly reduced with electric vehicles.

    With these decreasing emission values, a cleaner and more livable world awaits us in the future.

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