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    Converting IC engine vehicles to electric vehicles

    Converting IC engine vehicles to electric vehicles

    Converting internal combustion engine vehicles to electric vehicles

    Cars with internal combustion engines are advantageous in the range, but are at a disadvantage in terms of emissions and fuel consumption. As we know, the emission issue is a issue that harms the nature.

    The harmful gas shaped as a result of combustion is released into the nature and is quite harmful. As a result of the rise in fuel prices, users live with economic difficulties.

    For that, people have started to use electrical cars. Electrical cars dont be cause to emission problems, and fuel costs are also declined because access to electricity is so easy.

    Today, there is a innovation to reduce or destroy these issues. The name of this innovation is 'Electrical vehicle conversion'.

    What is electrical vehicle conversion technology?

    Electrical cars have lower fuel costs and less emissions than internal combustion cars. So, a technology called electrical vehicle conversion has been improved.

    As the name suggests, this innovation transforms cars with internal combustion engines to the electrical cars .

    There are also alterations of this, for example, as a result of some processes, the car turns to the a hybrid car, while in some operations, the car turns to the a fully electrical car. With this operation, it is aimed to minimize emission issue and minimize fuel consumption.

    For applying this innovation to the car ,the 'internal combustion engine' component in the car should first be removed.

    That is, internal combustion engine integrals like  vehicle engine, spark plug, injector, oil pump, transmission, differential, pad, clutch, radiator, antifreeze, fuel tank, alternator and exhaust are removed from the car and they replaced with the battery system which is necessary for the electric vehicle. With this, the car becomes an electrical car from an internal combustion engine car.

    What are the beneficial functions of electrical vehicle conversion innovation?
    Along with the electric vehicle conversion;

    • Toxic gas emission is declined
    • Fuel costs are declined
    • Because of the internal combustion engine system in the car is removed, maintenance costs are declined

    In another words, to summarize briefly, your vehicle turns to the an electrical vehicle with electric vehicle conversion innovation. In this way, you can take almost all the advantages that electrical cars ensure.

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